PC World/Currys & Laptop Sale with Mobile Bband

  Audio~~Chip 23:10 01 Apr 2009

Dad bought my Mum a Laptop from Currys/PC World with Vodafone mobile broadband as a package deal. First of all, they have had it for nearly 3-4 weeks due to ill health in family and were unable to set it up or use it.

The Laptop is a Advent 5612 running Vista Premium. The recpetion where they live they can connect to the Vodafone broadband but the actualy MB doanload is just under 1.4 of a MB and a web page takes say 2 or 3 mins to load like the BBC home page.

I was told from my brother what they had done, with buying a laptop as they are both retired and don't get out much. I found out they actually paid £400 for the Laptop and are paying £30 per month in a 2yr contract with vodafone mobile broadband which will hardly work.

I just looked on the PC World Website at this offer and found the Laptop is free if you go on Vodafone Mobile Broadband package. So my questions is what can I do for them as they have a 2 yr contract on a mobile broadband which is useless and it is also evident they were suppose to get the Laptop Free with getting Vodafone broadband

Personally Currys/PC World the DSGi group have ripped off my my Mum and Dad with a Laptop that should not have been charged for and getting them into a 2yr contract on vodaphone in the shop without their knowledge they were not going to be able to get a good reception where they live.

Spoke to Vodafone on their behalf and they carn't do anything as they have passed the 2 week cooling off period.


  spuds 23:36 01 Apr 2009

Currys are the people to contact being the selling agents, and I would suggest that you do that via the store the item was purchased from or their head office.

Failing that, you could try Consumer Direct click here for further advice and guidance.

I would suggest that you do these things without delay, because time might be the essence in a swift resolution.

  spuds 23:38 01 Apr 2009

Apologies, typo error with Consumer Direct link. Try click here

  Audio~~Chip 00:29 02 Apr 2009

Will re-visit tomorrow with the laptop at the store

  lindaloo 09:12 02 Apr 2009

take everything back to the shop . all recipts .before you go contact consumer direct you can call them .

  tullie 11:29 02 Apr 2009

I think it may have been Which that did a survey on these deals,and found that it was cheaper buying the laptop seperate.

  Audio~~Chip 12:13 02 Apr 2009

all the laptops that come with Vodafone Broadband and theirs was one of them.

  Covergirl 12:22 02 Apr 2009

Was that laptop available back then as part of the offer? These deals change so fast . . .

  Audio~~Chip 12:53 02 Apr 2009

That was one of my concerns I am looking into it.

  Audio~~Chip 20:45 03 Apr 2009

the laptop was not paid for it was free as they got the mobile broadband. The problem is now, where they live is just outside the Vodaphone catchment area and they are unable to physically get webpages

Vodafone say because 2 weeks have passed theirs nothing they can do. They have a 2 year £30 a month contract which is useless. I mentioned to them we would contact Ofcom but they reply with "it won't make any difference, you will be wasting your time"

How about if they cancel the direct Debit ? could Vodafone sue them ?

  tullie 20:56 03 Apr 2009

Have you tried the CAB for advice?If you cancel the DD then you will,i believe,be in breach of contract.
Its just a pity that coverage wasent checked before the purchase,but that doesent help you.By the way,you dont really get the laptop for free if you calculate what you pay every month for two years.Hope you get this resolved,good luck.

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