PC World - where an offer isn't an offer!

  Steinman 22:44 19 Mar 2004

Killing a bit of time this eve with friend wandering round PC World.
Offer on shelf.
CDR's 700MB Packard Bell 52X. 10 in pack £5-99.
CDR's 700MB Packard Bell 52X. 20 in pack £12-99.
Yes, I know, but plot thickens...
Some of the 20 packs have 50% FREE in them (done by Packard Bell themselves).
On the end of aisle PC WORLD display "CDR's 700MB Packard Bell 52X. 20pack" £12-99each. Buy 3 for price of 2.
So,quick bit of maths & logical thinking.
If take 3 of the Packard Bell 20&50% free offer packs to till then surely should get charged just £25-98 & walk out door with 90 CDR's.
Lovely Jubly.
Well if you thought that then wrong!
The till did not recognise the fact that the Packard Bell offer 20&50% free packs were in fact 20 packs & so it did not come up as 3/2.
This was quieried by self & friend firstly to salesman & then manager. Apparantly the PC World 3/2 offer is ONLY on "real" 20 packs. My argument is that the 20&50% free offer is purely Packard Bells & so PC World has no right to withdraw the 20&50% free packs from the 3/2 store offer. The CDR pack of 20&50% free is just coincidental- they are 20 packs but with extra in them as a producers bonus.
So, in the end we voted with our feet & left.
What do others think?

  spuds 22:54 19 Mar 2004

Take this up with DSG Customer Services, as their answer would be very interesting.

  David-235429 23:26 19 Mar 2004

...better still, speak to you local Trading Standards Dept !

  tarkus 23:26 19 Mar 2004

why bother with pc world at all go to your local computer fair and get 100 cdrs for anywhere between £15 £20. mind you it would be interesting to hear what pcworld have to say about this offer.

  Forum Editor 00:07 20 Mar 2004

as far as offers go - the question of it not having the "right" to qualify an offer doesn't arise.

If Packard Bell decide to shift blanks to the stores by increasing the pack size that's one thing - it's a manufacturer's promotion - and if the store decides to boost sales of the standard packs by making a different (and separate) '3for2' offer that's another thing. There's nothing to stop the store from limiting the offer, provided there's a distinction made - the usual way of doing this would be to make mention of it on the offer placard "excludes special 50% free packs" or words to that effect.

Otherwise it might be reasonable to assume that the offer applies to any 20 pack of Packard Bell CD blanks.

Before rushing off to Trading Standards I would be inclined to speak to the DSG customer service people - that's what Trading Standards will do in the first instance anyway.

  Steinman 01:08 20 Mar 2004

Have emailed DSG to ask their response. Should say that NO indication on display that the Pac Bell 20&50% free 'variants' NOT included. Also on regular CDR shelf the variant & regular 20 packs were intermingled. So to me not a different product. So, to me, as Fm Ed writes- it might be reasonable to assume that the offer applies to any 20 pack of Packard Bell CD blanks.
At the end of day I'm not bothered, will shop elsewhere. It's the principle behind it I am interested in.

  Forum Editor 01:26 20 Mar 2004

you're not bothered when you obviously are doesn't quite make sense to me, and your comment that you'll shop elsewhere - although completely a matter for you to decide - does seem a little odd. PC World have done nothing illegal as far as I can make out, and whichever pack size you decided on would still have resulted in you getting 60 CDs for £25.98 - hardly an exorbitant price for a good branded product is it? I imagine that the company made their own promotional offer so that the 'original' packs would shift once the manufacturer's special promotion packs arrived - the cost of the CDs being the same in both cases.

You thought that you would manage to get even more for your money, and although I don't blame you for trying I hardly think your failure to do so is worth making such a fuss.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:06 20 Mar 2004

PCW obviously had three different packs of CDs. Some were promotional and some were not. Some were manufacturer discounted and some seem to be older stock. However they were all mixed together.

Talking about trading standards is a tad of an over-reaction as is your stamping of feet and marching elsewhere. A modicum of applied sense would have resoved the matter quickly. Just accept that, in large stores with a huge amount of stock and employees, the mistake of lumping various offfers does tend to happen and it is not exactly the store trying to 'rip you off'. Mountains and molehills spring to mind, epecially when I wearily read...'better still, speak to you local Trading Standards Dept !'. Try a bit of customer responsibility and assess a situation, sans rise in blood pressure.


  Stuartli 11:13 20 Mar 2004

On more than one occasion I've bought food product offers like this at Tesco, Safeway and similar outlets when there have been some "25", "50" per cent etc extra included in some of the packs.

In every instance the till has authorised the multipack purchase price.

  Belatucadrus 12:16 20 Mar 2004

It seems to me that the fact that the scanner didn't recognise the +50% packs as the same product is a pretty fair indication that Packard Bell gave the special packs their own unique bar code and identity. I'm no great PCWorld apologist, but can't blame them for not applying their offer to what had effectively been classed as two different products by the manufacturer. It maybe a pain, but don't expect common sense or fair play from a computer EPOS system.

  Steinman 14:20 20 Mar 2004

The Forum Editor suggests "You thought that you would manage to get even more for your money, and although I don't blame you for trying I hardly think your failure to do so is worth making such a fuss." Yes, I tried to get a super bargain, who wouldn't.Have had similar hapenings to Stuartli's comments in the past. But I really do not agree that I am making a fuss!! My original post had the last line "What do others think?"
Thus, inviting comments for discussion. I didnt write "Boycott PC World".
Others write about their service in shops/web retailers, so by mentioning their experiances for discussion by the F.Ed's logic they are all making a fuss too!

If I was making a fuss I'd be knocking on Trading Standards door.

Also the F.E wrote "Saying that
you're not bothered when you obviously are" is again wrong. I'm not bothered at all. I should know I was there!
What's the point. Only some CD's. Not a £1000 PC.
The whole idea behind my topic was to discuss 'PC World - where an offer isn't an offer!' It's worked as many varied views from "hang um out to dry to forget it"!
I am awaiting an email reply from DSG Customer Services. This to see what they have to say. So that in future the situation regarding multi-buy purchases & bonus manufacturers deals will be clearer & other PC world customers (many of them of course PC Advisor web site users), may know exactly where they stand.

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