PC World - What's best about them ?

  rmcqua 10:30 07 Jul 2006

Well, it appears that we are soon to have a PC World in Newport, Isle of Wight. It is several years since I last shopped at a PCW (that was in Guildford, Surrey, back in the late 90's.)
Does anyone have any comments on the best/worst things to buy from PCW, with the emphasis on value for money ?

  dontmeshwithme 10:41 07 Jul 2006

It's usually cheaper to buy online and then collect from the store.
I normally buy games (online) and consumable special offers.
Ink carts are expensive so advoid and their pc's are pretty awful too and is (generally) both the advice given out and customer service.
Their handy when you need something urgently but thats about it.

  961 11:05 07 Jul 2006

PCW computers (Advent, HP) are generally reliable and reasonably priced. You can walk in and get one and you don't need to buy the monitor or can pick and mix another.
You don't have to wait for delivery or pay delivery charges
If the machine doesn't work properly when you get it home you don't have to wait for collection but can take it back and get another, or your money back
If you want bits and pieces you can get them straight away. Again, you CAN buy cheaper on line but that is not everything if you want the thing today
Staff advice can be mixed but that is true of almost all retail operations today. Do your research first
Customer service can be patchy too but is generally quite willing

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 07 Jul 2006

'their PC's are pretty awful too'....utter rubbish spouted by the L337 gamerz. Their PCs (Compaq, E-Machines and advent are very reliable and well made, I should know as I have bought over 90 (including laptops) from them. You can buy and take home. They will run most applications but don't expect to compete with the pale faced gamers and their Alienware rigs.

As in any shop customer service and advice can be variable so a little self preparation will help although I have never had a problem with customer service and they have been very helpful. If you are choosy you can get bargains and prices will match those online (you do not have to pay postage from PCW) and the online ordering system works very well.

Take no notice of the 'Little Britain' type comments. The stores usually have a good selection of stock and if you are careful and polite you can get reasonable prices with no waiting in for deliveries..

  Sic 12:18 07 Jul 2006

'spouted by the L337 gamerz'

'the pale faced gamers '

Any other sweeping insults to the gaming community you would like to make?
Nice attitude.

  Fellsider 12:19 07 Jul 2006

You only ever hear the bad things about PC World!

How many customers do you think have bought from PCW and had no problem at all?

and no! I don't work for them

  Sic 12:20 07 Jul 2006

In answer to your question, if you use the buy and collect service, its good value. Their consumables are incredibly overpriced, especially cables. But if you need a cable right now, better than not having it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:28 07 Jul 2006

You can also choose not to buy the monitors with any computer and this makes the price very attractive.

'Any other sweeping insults to the gaming community you would like to make?
Nice attitude'I might as well chuck in lack of sense of humour as well/eyes raise.


  Woolwell 12:59 07 Jul 2006

One of the advantages is that you can see what you are buying and usually try a demo model. They are good for routine work but if you want a pC for high-end gaming or other high specs (in particular graphics) then I would tend to look elsewhere.
You can also get what you want there and then and take it home with you. How many times do we read on other threads of delivery delays?

  dth 13:07 07 Jul 2006

It is convenience I think.

You can take home with you what you want to buy. Just look at the regular horror stories (mentioning no names) with the online stores about trying to get faulty goods returned/replaced and unanswered support lines - with PC World you can just take it back.

The other side of the coin is that the prices tend to be more expensive than the online stores (for obvious reasons) but with the 'buy online collect from the store' option this is becomming much less of an issue.

My opinion - from personal experience - is that PC World treat customers more fairly than the online only shops. One example would be when I bought a new h/d from PCW that turned out to be faulty. The shop exchanged the disc obviously but the rep noticed that since I had bought the h/d (the week before) the price had been reduced - so she refunded the higher price to my card and re-charged the lower price.

  Naeris 13:08 07 Jul 2006

I think they are very overpriced when compared to what you can find on the internet, but on the flip side at least you can take your product straight back to the shop if anything goes wrong.

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