PMR781 21:18 05 Feb 2003

I purchased my second pc from PC World three years ago and paid £265.00 for the extended warranty and so felt safe and sound in case of problems, ho bloody ho. My monitor decided to give up the ghost and after contacting the repair line arranged a time and day for a replacement to be delivered because me and the dragon both work full time, four tries later I finally got a replacement, four years older than my pc and didn`t work anyway so back to the repair line, ho bloody ho, we decided it was best if the exchange was done at a PC World store so I took the dud one back to them and surprise suprise they delivered the replacement to my home but wouldn`t leave it because the dud one was at PC World as arranged. So I went and cllected the second replacement, also three years older than my computer only to find the cable was missing. I have e-mailed their consumer services twice and got no reply, what a surprise. I have to go and collect yet another replacement in a couple of days, I think they are looking for an even older one for me. I`ve yelled down the phone at everyone at their help lines but this has no effect. In my humble opinion the warranty is next to useless, the back up non existent. What should I try next???????????????????

  Forum Editor 21:31 05 Feb 2003

1. You can stop using swear words in the forum.

2. If you've "yelled down the phone at everyone at their help lines" I'm surprised you have had any response whatsoever. Rudeness is its own reward, and help-line staff aren't paid to be abused by customers - however irate said customers might be.

3. When you collect the next (and I hope final) replacement DO NOT leave the store until you have inspected it, and are satisfied.

4. Study the terms of your warranty carefully, and insist that PC World fulfils its obligations to the letter. Expect no more than that, and please try to avoid losing your temper - you'll be far more likely to get the result you're entitled to if you stay calm and collected.

  PMR781 21:45 05 Feb 2003

Apologies for swearwords and maybe I should explain that for the first dozen or so calls I did remain very calm and very collected, I don`t think i`m an unreasonable person, but the complete and total lack of response from their helplines caused a bit of a surge in my nervous system. Do you think I should accept a monitor that is so much older than my pc even if they eventually get me one that is complete and actually works

  rickf 22:20 05 Feb 2003

I fully sympathise with you. Frustrations such as you have described would drive the best of us to insanity. Of course some of us are better than others in remaining calm even if our rights are treated with total contempt. Some of us are less perefct than others!

  Forum Editor 22:55 05 Feb 2003

some of us being less perfect than others - rudeness is never acceptable. I can understand your frustration as I said.

I don't think your should accept an old monitor, but I would really need more information before beiong able to advise you properly. You say your monitor 'decided to give up the ghost' - what exactly happened? If you read the warranty terms you'll see what is and what isn't covered, and perhaps you could post back with that information?

  PMR781 23:35 05 Feb 2003

When I said my monitor gave up the ghost, it just gave a loud click and went to a black screen, i tried changing the fuse in the plug, but still nothing, I then borrowed the monitor from my son`s pc which worked fine. The warranty for the monitor is separate to the computer i.e. you pay one sum for the computer itself and another for the monitor, both warranties are for the same length of time and will expire on 31/12/05. I contacted the repair line and after checking my warranty cover they informed me that they don`t take monitors for repair as it`s not worthwhile, so they exchange them with either the same model or one of the same specification, can a monitor three or four years older than my computer possibly give the same performance as one the same age ? This is where all the problems started, we stuck rigidly to all arrangements made with them regarding time and dates, they seem unable to do this, their helplines do not answer any e-mails and every time you call you speak to a different person. Over the last five years I have spent approx. £4,ooo pounds at their store on pc`s, add ons, upgrades, software, books, cameras, etc and I think I deserve a lot better than i got, don`t you.

  anchor 12:35 06 Feb 2003

I know its no consolation to you, but the question of extended warranties has be discussed many times. The end result was that they are simply not worth while.

That money you paid to PCW would have bought you a nice new monitor. Is the monitor over 3 years old?, if not, then possibly the manufacturer has a 3 year warranty; many do.

Like you, I would have most unhappy to receive a 6 year old monitor. Perhaps a letter to the MD of Dixon Stores Group is called for; by special delivery, of course.

  Pikachu 13:34 06 Feb 2003

I had the same problem when I bought the extended warranty from Dixons for both my monitor and pc and what a waste of money. I was advised that if something had gone wrong with either of the items it would be replaced as an old for new basis. But I find that they either try to fix it or provide you an old part. Learn from experienece never buy these warranties you rather let your house insurance cover it.

  ricvic 14:29 06 Feb 2003

For what its worth, my experience with Coverplan is documented click here

While many people have had good experiences from this group of companies (and I do not wish to decry that), my personal experience has not been good. For me: never again the warranty, never again from that supplier.

There was an item on todays working lunch (BBC2) which came to the conclusion that extended warranties are a waste of money. Computers weren't mentioned. The most unreliable machines being washer/dryers with an expected failure rate of 10% after 3years rising to 25% after 5 years. VCR and DVD's were in the 3-5% range.After paying warranties over this period you could save the money and buy a replacement instead.

  oresome 19:36 06 Feb 2003

Strange that they claim it's not worth repairing the original unit, yet they obviousley do repair them in order to replace it with a an older one.
What they don't want to do of course is make more than one visit to the house to return the original.
If I was a none technical PC user, I'd expect them to diagnose the fault, unplug the faulty monitor and fit the replacement and demonstrate it working to me before leaving the house.
Awkward when they don't turn up when they say of course.

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