STREETWORK 19:29 14 Feb 2007


I was looking to buy a new PC as this one is now 4 years old (slow).

I visited PC World and they had some PC's which suited my needs. Sales person said it would be cheaper to order on-line and then collect from the store (yeah, i was taken by that too).

So on checking the PC World website they did not have the PC listed, or any other I had pegged, but others where listed at between £30 and £50 cheaper then in store prices (special web price). But, they list them as Vista Premium 'upgrade'.

So does this mean the PC's are older XP ones with the vista upgrade installed?

  Dizzy Bob 20:16 14 Feb 2007

Probably an older model with XP installed. You would still qualify for the Vista upgrade (assuming the machine meets the specs) until the end of March.

The Vista upgrade is by redemption (log proof of purchase on website, pay Postage and Packing and the disc will be mailed to you, not sure on waiting time for delivery)

Obviously the XP machines offer good value as they have to be sold soon-ish!

What was the model?


  Totally-braindead 20:18 14 Feb 2007

The postage packing and processing for the free Vista upgrade is about £15. Bear that in mind if getting a PC with XP and an upgrade. And it'll take up to 8 weeks to come as well.

  STREETWORK 21:11 14 Feb 2007

HP 7635 is the PC.

Noticed the 'additional handling charge' but hard to see really. Not any cheaper than the store price, unless i missed something

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  Jimmy14 21:45 14 Feb 2007

I would rather wait to buy a computer with vista preinstalled to save any compatibility or driver issues when performing the upgrade from xp.

  northernwarrior 14:19 24 Feb 2007

I have applied for my Vista upgrade on a new PC bought from PC World in January. Cost was around £16 for the Premium Upgrade but delivery is estimated at 6 - 8 weeks. In addition to ordering online you also need to fax or scan/email a copy of your purchase receipt to the handling agency.

However whether I actually install it given the various horror stories circulating is another matter.

  Kate B 14:23 24 Feb 2007

I haven't seen any horror stories. The issues people run into are mostly driver ones - I was unfortunate in that I needed to flash my bios, but my PC is nearly two years old. You'd be very unlucky if you had to flash the bios of a pretty new machine in order to put Vista on it.

  northernwarrior 17:33 24 Feb 2007

On the Flight Sim forums I have read that FSX actually runs slower with Vista installed despite supposedly being optimised for the new O/S over XP! However I agree that some of the issues appear to be driver related in particular Nvidia graphics drivers.

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