pc world very bad service

  NICK ADSL UK 15:03 27 May 2003

i think obbit was spot on pcw group is the worst company to purchase anything from.when i purchased my computer from them which at the time was top of the range when it went wrong the manufacture denied all knowledge of having made it .half the drivers were unsigned it was a right mess.the motherboard company msi said my board was not one of theirs.they said all pc world computers were customized and the only people who could understand them were pc service call letters to the directors all unanswered.i have learnt from my mistake i just hope others do not suffer the same consequences that i had.this was 18 months ago they think they are off the hook but i can assure them there not

Nick, I don't understand the situation you described. Was this PC a Packard Bell? MSI board specifications are (in the case of Packard Bell) commissioned by NEC (Packard Bell's parent company) and made by MSI themselves. You won't find any information or drivers on the MSI website because of this, but they do update drivers on NEC's behalf and are normally available from Packard Bell's website. I take it the problem was a faulty motherboard?

NICK ADSL UK hi davidg_richmond know it is a medion computer.medion say they have no knowledge of this computer msi say they have no knowledge of the motherboard.the problem has been so bad that msi do not take phone calls any more.i will get to the bottom of this problem. it may take a few years but will get there in the end.this battle has been running now for 18 months.i still have the unsigned drivers for the Philip's cd-rw and dvd drive.i thank you for showing a interest in this matter.but i would not involve yourself too deeply.the staff in tech have been told not to talk to me ps-Philip's have no knowledge of my drives either

  NICK ADSL UK 17:15 27 May 2003

critic-al thank you for your support.i do not think this matter can be resolved.this computer was purchased with unsigned drivers which as you all know microsoft approval has not been GIVEN the rest of the drivers apart from realtek sound card and nvidia video card can not be updated.a lot of the worlds finest computer techs have tried to track down drivers to try to make this computer more stable.but are unable to because of medion"s inability to step in.they just keep saying we know nothing and i believe them.a microsoft engineer called and he could not make head nor tail of the bios.the belarc report says one thing and looking at the bios with a microscope says something different.i will post back at various intervals to let you know how this story pans out.but i think we will be in for a long battle

  critic-al 17:22 27 May 2003

I wish you all the luck in the world m8.
look forward to hearing from you,with good news i hope

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:33 27 May 2003

'There is an unwritten law in the retail trade that says "The Customer is Always Right'..total and utter rubbish; the customer is NOT alaways right especially when unreasonable. We live in the 21st century not the 18th century.

'leading pc retail company gets such bad PR'...they have thousands of happy customers and a FEW unhappy ones.....the latter sentence is reasonable, your statement is unreasonable, especially as you have no idea of the veracity of the original thread. A study of the laws of percentages would help enormously.

'this battle has been running now for 18 months.i still have the unsigned drivers for the Philip's cd-rw and dvd drive'...18 months ago there would be unsigned drivers as XP had only just been released...unsigned drivers are not the end of the world but you would have been told that already.

'when it went wrong the manufacture denied all knowledge of having made it'..sorry but this is nothing to do with POCW, they only sell ready-made computers. How can the manufacturer denying having made the computer be the fault of PCW?...I also find a manufacturer denying having built a computer (esp. Medion, a well known and respected maker ) just a little far-fetched.


  soy 18:04 27 May 2003

What drivers do you need? Maybe we can help you track them down.

You don't need signed drivers for something to work. I've been using unsigned nVidia Graphics drivers for some time and have never noticed any problems.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:07 27 May 2003

'the motherboard company msi said my board was not one of theirs.they said all pc world computers were customized'......they are lying...PCW sell computers, they do NOT build them unless it is contracted out.

'the manufacture will not take responsibility.they say it is for pc world to resolve'...but didn't they say that they did not make it? Not wishing to doubt you but something is not right about all of this.

'the best minds at pc world do not have a clue how to get hold of the said drivers'...sorry but post up the make of the items and you will get a few replies. There are many driver sites and getting hold of them is not rocket science....I assume that you are running early XP...they do not have to be signed.


  The Spires 18:08 27 May 2003

Most of my drivers are unsigned.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:16 27 May 2003

'I take you don't have your own shop then'...I can't read music but I can argue why Mozarts' writing is florated. You forget that PCW serve hundreds of thousands of customers a week...same as your shop I suspect. Is it only me that thinks something is slightly odd about this story..especially the drivers?


  OneSirKnight 18:31 27 May 2003

now now girls, this is supposed to be an advice site, GANDALF i think you answered your own question..BS antennae wobbling or am I too cynical?
I know that your wealth of pc knowledge is respected here and valued, so carry on helping.
and NICK ADSL UK I would like to echo Gerrycan's offer.

  The Spires 18:42 27 May 2003

critic-al, I can't make head nor tail of what NICK ADSL UK's problem is, & how an issue with a Pc can be ongoing for 18 months is totally beyond my comprehension. My Dad taught me long ago that it's ok to disagree with someone, it's killing them that's wrong.

  NICK ADSL UK 18:49 27 May 2003

for the record i have been told by all manufactures that ALL PC WORLD COMPUTERS ARE CUSTOMIZED.AND THE MANUFACTURES HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IS INSIDE THEM GANDALF I DO HOPE YOU'RE GLASSES ARE ALRIGHT?this is why the manufacture can not help you.all calls have to be made through pc service call at £1-50 pence per minute all pc world computers are made under CONTRACT have you noticed how davidg_richmond has gone quite all of a sudden.thank you Gerrycan for your support also to soy

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