PC World & Vat reciepts?

  Zytec 22:26 21 Dec 2005

Twice now I've been to pc world for quickness mainly, (only for DVD media etc, as they are too expensive for anything else), and they have asked me if my purchase is for a business or private.

I answer business, (as I'm sole trader vat registered), they then want my details. I have said you don't need my details all I want is a vat receipt. They answer we don't give vat receipts unless we have your details.

Apart from that fact I have no desire to give anyone details that has no need for my company name address etc so they can spam me with mail and sell it to 3rd parties, My choice not to give it to them should not affect my right to a vat receipt... should it?. So how do I stand legally? do they have a legal stance in this?

I pay vat on things I buy for my business, and as such want to clam it back but can't unless I have a vat receipt for the accountant.

Basically I can avoid going to PCworld if I have too, but are they acting within the law to demand my details before giving me a vat receipt?

  wee eddie 22:31 21 Dec 2005

Equally. That itemised bill from Tesco that you put through the Petty Cash. Can not be used to reclaim VAT.

However, HM Customs & Excise have been known to turn a blind eye to such infractions. Unless you have been naughty - In which case - tough!

  pavvi 23:02 21 Dec 2005

to know what they are going to do with the information you give them and to restrict it's forwarding to third parties.....

  Zytec 23:04 21 Dec 2005

Umm odd.. Not sure if youy missread my question? I'm not suggesting reclaiming vat that I shouldn't be, but more do they have the right to my name address and company details to be stored in their database, before I have a right to a reciept that shows a Vat reg number & a vat breakdown?

  Dizzy Bob 23:34 21 Dec 2005

When processing the sale, ask the cashier to press the 'no marketing' button on the till system (you can see it yourself on the address entry screen)

this should ensure your data is secure, and that you can still get your personalised vat reciept.

Alternatively, just state that it is a personal purchase, as the standard reciept has the vat number at the bottom.

alternatively (again) open a business account in store and you can simply be sent an invoice.

hope this helps


  Zytec 23:54 21 Dec 2005

Ok thanks all for the replies, and it's not so much about ensuring my data is secure, but more that do they have the right (in law) to demand it before giving a vat receipt?. If they had a reason to need it, for instance delivering an item for instance then fine, but surely I should have a choice whether to give them the details or not, and that shouldn't effect my right to a receipt type required to claim back a government imposed duty I shouldn't really be paying???

  Forum Editor 00:01 22 Dec 2005

Companies like PC World will operate their VAT records under what is called a retail scheme. This is a special form of VAT accounting which takes into account the fact that large numbers of taxable sales will be made to people who are not registered for VAT.

Some sales however, are made to VAT-registered customers, and of course under normal circumstances VAT invoices would be raised for such sales. This isn't possible in a mass-retail operation with a high volume of till transactions, and under the current VAT rules sales to other VAT registered businesses cannot be made under the terms of a retail scheme.

That's why PC World ask you for your details if you tell them that you're VAT registered. In theory this would enable Customs and Excise to cross-check input tax claims against sales records, if the need arose.

  Zytec 00:17 22 Dec 2005

So why is it just PC world? (at least I'm only aware of this "recently" with PC world). I buy various items from many similar places like Wickes to Tesco and I'm given a vat receipt, without having to give them business particulars. If it's for business use it goes in against my vat sales.

Going by what you've said, what's going to happen if I put the receipts in to claim back the vat from these technically (by their rules) no business sales? (no vat is shown but the reg number is on the receipt).

  pavvi 00:50 22 Dec 2005

can be reclaimed so long as the items were for business use. As long as the receipt has a vat number on it you can claim it. You just have to work out the vat your self (by multiplying by 7 and then dividing by 47)so when you pay for goods of £10 = 10x7=70/47=1.49 therefore ex vat price is 8.51 vat to be claimed back = 1.49....

  wee eddie 07:35 22 Dec 2005

It has to identify both parties.

Just having the invoice is, technically, not sufficient.

  Quirkafleeg 17:42 22 Dec 2005

PC World are compelled by law to issue you with a VAT invoice if you are a registered trader, intending to reclaim the input VAT.

A VAT invoice must have your details on it, and therefore to get one you would have to comply with their request.

The only exception is for purchase under £250 pounds gross, where no formal VAT receipt is required.

I should know this, as I am a VAT inspector!

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