PC World - Third Faulty Motherboard

  dp1uk2002 20:50 14 Apr 2009

I bought an Acer ASL320 PC from PC World on 29/09/2007. All was fine until January 2008, the PC failed to start up and an Engineer came out and replaced the Motherboard.

The same fault occurred again in July 2008, once again the Motherboard failed; it was replaced by an engineer.
In March this year the same happened again, only this time it is older that 12 Months old. I phoned the repair line, they could not help me they said it was down to the store, I went to the store and they said they could not help me I had to write to head office. I wrote to head office and they have told me that I have to pay for an independent engineer to diagnose the fault on the PC and only then will they consider the warranty claim.
I just want my computer to work, am I entitled to better service that this? Surely it is obvious from the history that this must be classed as an ongoing warranty fault.
Has anybody got any advice for me?

Thanks Dave

  OTT_Buzzard 21:13 14 Apr 2009

may be older than 12 months but the motherboard isn't.
I would think / hope that the work they carry out would be covered by a 12 month warranty.

  dp1uk2002 21:37 14 Apr 2009

I have been informed that the Motherboard that has been replaced only has a 30 day guarantee on it!

Thanks for your response!

  curofone 21:52 14 Apr 2009

as you have already pointed out pcworld do not give 12 month warrenties on replacement parts (not sure where the law stands on that one).

I beleive after 6 months old it is up to you the customer to prove that the machine is not fit for purpose/has an underlying problem and therefore pcw are within their rights to ask you to get an engineers report.

If you do end up getting an engineers report i would make sure that you get everything tested including the power supply as it is very unusual for 3 motherboards to fail in just over a year, to perfectly honest i have only had one mothherboard fail on me the last 14 years.

Could serveral reason why your motherboards keep failing and i doubt the problem and i doubt it is actual problem with the motherboard

  OTT_Buzzard 21:54 14 Apr 2009

That shows how confident they are in their own work

  ened 07:26 15 Apr 2009

3 mobos failing within 18 months suggests there is something fundamentally wrong. Either that or they had a bad batch of motherboards - probably not likely diven the time span.

You could fit another mobo now and it might very well go again in a further few months. They can't very well keep replacing it under warranty, but perhaps they should have investigated deeper when the second one went within such a short space of time.

Assuming you have logged the history I would be going back to speak to the Manager of PC World and point out the original two problems were well within the warranty period and in any case,these days, one would expect a piece of equipment like that to last longer than 18 months.

I'm not sure where you stand legally but I would have no confidence in that unit with another mobo without further investigation, which you could argue they should have done at an earlier stage.

  BT 07:40 15 Apr 2009

I had the motherboard replaced on my PC World Advent desktop. I asked what happened to the old ones and the engineer told me they are repaired if possible and used for Warranty replacements, so the chances are that you don't necessarily have a new one installed.

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