PC World & their advertising, can they do it?

  grumpy-git 10:46 25 Jan 2008

Last night, the HP DV9646em was advertised as a collect at store item for 499.97

I checked my local stores - no luck.

I tried towns outside of my area, still no luck.

Tried all the major towns around all the UK, but nobody had stock.

This morning I checked again, the price had gone up 50 quid to 549.97

Still no stock in my area.

Rang their main contact number for an explanation and was given a load of blurb about it being a discontinued item & they can change prices daily.

Wasn't satisfied with their explanation, so asked for their real "head office" number. The woman who answered wouldn't converse with me, even though I was polite, and transferred me elsewhere. While I was hanging on the line a recorded message was saying "PC World won't be beaten on price". Eventually somebody spoke to me & I asked all the same questions again about how they can put up prices on sale items. I asked them why they can't match their own price from a few hours ago.

Did I get anywhere? No.

Fortunately I printed off the page from their web site last night, as proof.

Can they legally do this sort of thing?

really grumpy-git

  lisa02 10:53 25 Jan 2008

Change their prices? yes.

I can't see what difference it makes if there's no stock. If you had found one in stock else where you could have reserved it and got it at the first price.

PS. Anything in PCW or Currys etc ending in 97p is clearance.

  lofty29 10:55 25 Jan 2008

Unfortunatly yes they can, any advertised price is only"an invitation to barter", crazy I know, and something that should be sorted out really, the only answer at the end of the day is go elsewhere. I personally would not go near the pcworld group, read others stories about pcworld, dixons, curry's

  grumpy-git 11:46 25 Jan 2008

So the content of an advert really means nothing then?

Suppose it is like the Currys DV9605 advert which quoted 2mb cache, but what we actually got was just 512kb.

Do other computer suppliers other than the pcworld group also do this?

  Covergirl 12:46 25 Jan 2008

I'm a bit narked by PC Worlds advertising - what's their tag line - "Internet prices on the high street . . . " or is that someone elses ?

So you go in the shop and try to buy a 50 stack or DVD's and they want HOW MUCH ? I don't think they'll let me beat them down to £4.99 somehow . . . .

  lofty29 13:46 25 Jan 2008

grumpy-git No I think that is a differnt situation, the specification has to match the product, if it says 2mb and it turns out to be 512kb then you are entitled to you money back, because it is not suitable for the purpose for which you bought it. It is the price which is allowed to be varied, they do not have to sell and you do not have to buy. But for example, if you pay for a 17" tv they cannot supply you with a 15" and get away with it, any more than they can forve you to accept something which does not do the job it was purchased for. Unless of course you buy a ladder then complain that it will not recieve bbc2

  tillybaby 13:54 25 Jan 2008

Seeing as Currys, Dixons and PC World are one and the same I think it is a scam that they have going,

On more than one occasion I've seen items advertised at a really good price but as yet haven't managed to buy anything as they're always, without fail out of stock. BUT - then they offer me something they do have in stock instead, first time this happened I must say I fell for it and ended up with a Konica camera instead of the one I had gone for but when it happened a few times after that I realised it's just a way to get you in their stores,

It's a cheek though to say that the sale item is out of stock and then see the very same item in store but with a £50 increase on the sale price.

  lofty29 14:02 25 Jan 2008

tillybaby, usually in that sitaution the explanation is "sorry but we have just sold the last of the sale stock, but we have new stock in at a higher price" always make a quick exit

  lofty29 14:04 25 Jan 2008

sorry for the spelling, end of sale keyboard

thats my excuse anyway

  grumpy-git 15:02 25 Jan 2008

I think it's a shame these outlets don't value their customers more.

I don't like mail order, having had all sorts of problems with Mesh & Ebuyer in the past, but an Advent pc from PC World is still performing faultlessly after more than 3 years (hope that doesn't mean it will fail on me now)


  oresome 15:53 25 Jan 2008

I think this practise might come under the heading of marketing.

It's not confined to PC World or indeed internet stores in general. All retailers have "get you there" offers that are strictly limited in both time and the quantity available.

At least with the internet, you haven't wasted much time and effort finding they're not in stock. Of course, you have browsed through their other offerings whilst on the site and might decide to buy which is what they hope. If you're strapped for cash, keep looking and one day your luck will be in.

No sense in getting annoyed about it. Just be aware of the games they play.

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