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  MM01 21:44 08 Mar 2011

I took an old hard drive into PC World 3 weeks ago to get its contents backed up; this would be "about 10 days" I was told. I heard nothing til I phoned three weeks later, to find that the drive had been returned to store without anything having been done (due to their "questionnaire going missing").
I have tried calling the branch (Barbican, Chiswell St.) 3 times- every time I have to go via PC World's main number and after waiting for a total of 55mins (I timed it) no one at the branch picked up. I have still not officially been notified that my hard drive is back. My question is, can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with the branch directly, and how do I complain to PC World? I emailed them but have had no reply. They seem to go to some lengths to make it very difficult to contact them. Is it possible to just get my money back and take the drive elsewhere?

  ronalddonald 21:59 08 Mar 2011

you could try contacting by letter

Customer Services Department
PC World
DSG Retail Ltd
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead

The letter should be sent by Special delivery.

How far are you from the store you could always pop in ask them for their terms and conditions and about a refund since they haven't done anything

  Dragon_Heart 02:30 09 Mar 2011

What have they charged you for the 'service' MM01 ?

I got myself a USB converter which allows you to connect an IDE or SATA drive via USB to your new PC, it was only about £15.

  Dragon_Heart 02:37 09 Mar 2011

P C World, 14-20 Chiswell Street, Barbican City, London EC1Y 4TW. Tel: 0870 242 044 or 0844 561 0000. These MAY be premium rate call numbers :-(

A letter sent via special delivery may be your best if not quickest option.

  spuds 13:04 09 Mar 2011

PC World and especially Tech Guys seem to be having quite a lot of complaints lately about missing items, or jobs not being completed, and the customer being left to run around in circles.

You might have three options to remedy the problem, but don't set your hopes to high.

(1) Contact Consumer Direct click here. and report the matter, asking also if they are dealing with all the complaints they seem to be receiving about Tech Guys.

(2) Write that letter to head office. Be polite. but firm.

(3) You took the item to the store, and left it in their care. The buck stops with the store and the manager. So revisit the store, and request a direct meeting with the manager, and get their response. You might need their comments and detailed actions, for/in suggestion (2).

  Dragon_Heart 21:58 09 Mar 2011

In the case of our local store you would need to give him time to change out of his short trousers.

I feel in many stores, not just PC World ( but they are probable the worst in my experience ), the managers have no REAL experience of life. Still wet behind the ears after Uni' !

Places like B & Q used to have retired ex tradesmen in store to help customers or do demo's. Some were very good and must have improved sales of both tools and materials but others were clearly ex bodgers.

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