PC World Tech Guys complaints

  waf26 20:21 10 Nov 2010

I left my laptop in PC World with the Tech guys to be fixed a month ago. On enquiry I discovered it had been fixed within a week but it's still at the workshop as they have no boxes to return it to the shop! After numerous unproductive phone calls I went to the shop today but only one 'tech guy' on duty and I couldn't wait.Still none the wiser. Any advice on how I can get some resolution?

  birdface 20:37 10 Nov 2010

Some of their reviews leave a lot to be desired.

click here

  birdface 20:46 10 Nov 2010

This from another thread in case you want to contact the Chief executive.

click here

  ajm 20:57 10 Nov 2010

Contact me through the yellow envelope. I may be able to help

  waf26 21:10 10 Nov 2010

Thanks for that link to CEO emails. I'll check it out and see what happens.

  Forum Editor 23:21 10 Nov 2010

He'll probably be able to assist you.

  birdface 12:04 11 Nov 2010

I believe ajm's post was actually meant for you so if you would like to contact him using the yellow envelope beside his post to see what help he can give.

  waf26 13:21 11 Nov 2010

Thanks, I've been in touch and wait to see what happens.

  KDW 10:22 12 Nov 2010

Has your problem been resolved yet?

  waf26 20:33 12 Nov 2010

We've had an email followed by a phone call. Not good. Looks like laptop has been sent to someone else but don't know who! Someone reported they'd received a laptop which wasn't theirs but no note was taken of their details. We'll not hear anything more until next week. So problem not yet resolved but at least someone seems to be taking responsibility. Let you know what happens.

  bigsteveUK 22:33 15 Nov 2010

waf26 you have my sympathy...

Many years ago I bought a new laptop from PC World. I was also suckered into the "extended waranty insurance". However, that insurance DID pay off.

14 months into ownership I spilt a drink on the Toshiba Satelite keyboard (oh, the panic reaching for paper towels!)

It went in for repair, covered by the accidental damage in the expensive policy.

5 weeks, nothing. 6 weeks, nothing. Re-read Ts & Cs... something like, "If we cannot repair within 6 weeks, we will replace your laptop with a new one of the same specification or better"

Went into PC World to ask for my new laptop!

"Oh no, you cannot have a new one, yours is ready for collection and it will be here tomorrow."

But that would be 6 weeks and 4 days I thought. So I called the insurer, and they denied this was what they had to do. So I called the underwriter. They called me back within an hour. Vouchers would be sent to me for the PC original cost AND for the unused years of insurance I had paid for at the original purchase date.

PC World were not happy on the phone when I called to say I was going to go in to spend them. The shop were happy though (I guess it was just another sale to them). I enjoyed the doubled RAM, CD RW included (had previously been just CD playing)

I noticed they changed the Ts & Cs of insurance so I used the vouchers towards the best laptop I could and did not get the insurance. Nowadays I only consider extended warranty if it includes accidental damage, otherwise look after things and refer to sales of goods act for any failure of quality branded hardware within a reasonable time (regardless if it is over 12 months "guarantee" of course)

All the best with it. I think you will be just fine and you may get a better laptop out of it if they lose or damage it :)

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