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  fraggle101 20:44 03 Apr 2009

My brother has a pc and has an account with PC world if anything goes wrong, PC world so-called Tec Guys will sort it. Thats what we thought, the pc is a compaq and so far Tec guys have tattooed the pc twice, 4 different mother boards which they did not have the right cd for. My brother on 3/4/09 spend over 1 1/2 hours on phone to tec guys trying to sort out a different fault. First there was no sound to the latest black boarder on screen. So far pc world has sent out 6 tec guys and they don't stay around to sort out the fault which they have made. Can anyone help...


  MAJ 21:08 03 Apr 2009

How old is the PC?
Have the problems been happening since the PC was new, or are the problems more recent?
Which problem/problems did the Tech Guys create in your opinion?
What problem/problems is the PC suffering from at the moment?

It appears that the Tech Guys are trying hard to fix the problems. Motherboard drivers should be readily available from the manufacturer's website, but I agree, they should have had the motherboard CD when installing the new motherboard.

It's unclear if you want consumer advice or computer help advice?

  curofone 00:05 04 Apr 2009

Like MAJ i am not sure if you are asking for but here comes my advise anyway

if you want to know DSGi's policies on this sort of thing then here goes, if the machine is still under the first year manufacturers warranty then they have upto 28 days to repair the fault from when you first called in. If you have taken out the extended warranty then the t&c that you agreed to when you signed up to it states they have up 6 weeks to repair from the date of the first call. If either of these time lines has passed just call up and request the machine is written off and you will get vouchers to buy a new one, they will not automatically write a machine off becuase the time has expired, you have to ask for it.

I am guessing that this problem all came about becuase the techguys made redundant alot of their engineers and sub contracted the work out, these sub contracted workers are good for doing the easy stuff like replacing HDDs, mobos etc but are useless when it comes to doing things like tattoos (required on hp/compaq/packard bell machines when a mobo is replaced) becuase they have never heard of them and they never have the equipment that they are meant to have and therefore they leave the job for someone else to do, now packard bell tattoo's are pretty easy and someone in the call centre should be able to talk the customer through one over the phone as long as the customer has the recovery disks but hp/compaq tattoo need engineers to go out to them to be done.

At the moment it sounds like you are having some driver issues and i am guessing that is becuase the tattoo was done was wrong.

  lindaloo 17:44 08 Apr 2009

have just sorted my sons laptop or do i mean broke it fixed the screen now it wont go on at all. its been totally wiped i thought fixed ment a thing should work not in tech guys mind

  curofone 18:18 08 Apr 2009

I am pretty sure that the techguys have done nothing wrong in your case as i pointed out in the thread that you started, if you have lost data that i hate to be harsh but that is your own fault, a HDD is a mechanical item it will fail at some point and therefore you should always make backups. As for you machine not having windows reinstalled back on well unfortunately the techguys workshop does not have every recovery disk for every machine they have ever sold and therefore if you want them to reinstall windows you should have sent the recovery disk you were meant to make yourself away with the machine.

  lindaloo 23:29 08 Apr 2009

it was the display model currys made the recovery disc and the took it back to factory settings with it day i bought it . they kept the disc

  ened 07:13 09 Apr 2009

Whilst what you say is absolutely correct I think it is a bit harsh.

I really feel for lindaloo because in the case of the purchase of computers the phrase 'caveat emptor' is particularly relevant.

The only problem here is that there are many 'newbies' who do not understand and think it is like buying a cooker: take it home, plug it in and use it.

In some ways the fault lies with the sales staff, who could maybe spend a bit more time explaining the obligations.

  iscanut 09:48 09 Apr 2009

Perhaps I am missing something here, but if it was the screen that had to be replaced, why should the hard disc be touched at all ? I agree with ened, a total lack of customer care here.

  fraggle101 19:09 09 Apr 2009

Yesterday The so-called Tec guys brought yet another mother board, so in total 5 M.Boards have now been tried in my brothers machine. Every time Tec guys come they give a new job number, but they have not completed the first job correctly. So as of last night - my brother cancels all ties with PC world and some of the cowboy tec guys. I am sorry I am being like this, as this is why I do not let pc world even go near my PC as most of the shop people do not know what they are doing and why I am doing a PC maintenance course and start up on my own. My brother is going else where to get the pc fixed as 7 tec guys can't do a simple job. We therefore wash our hands with PC world.

  curofone 21:00 09 Apr 2009

you really are being quite stupid on this one, if the machine has been booked in 7 times for the same fault that you are entitled to get the machine written off, so ring up request that and get a new machine, where is all the big problem? they will not write the machine off unless you as them to do so

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