PC World strike again

  lillianni 14:33 15 Nov 2009

I bought a HP Pavilion DV1000 from PC World 3 years ago. I had no problems with it until recently when I had to replace the power lead. On the advice of PC World I bought a Belkin multi-purpose adaptor in September. Two days ago I discovered the adaptor had melted in my laptop making the power outlet completely unusable. I went to PC World today and they have told me that as the product they sold me is not at fault then they are not prepared to do anything except charge me £300 to repair my laptop. They say that the exhaust fan must have become faulty in the last 6 weeks or so since I bought their product and this is why it has melted the adaptor. I am outraged that they think they can get away with this. What I need to know is, is it possible for an exhaust fan to fail without the user becoming aware and if so, would it cause the amount of heat generated to melt the adaptor. Of course I will be taking this further and need to know who to send my letter of complaint to as I will not be ringing anyone to be further fobbed off.

  Terry Brown 15:01 15 Nov 2009

I have never heard of a power adapter, 'Melting'.

If the exaust fan had malfunctioned, then the laptop would have overheated and shut down, long before the problem occurred.

I assume the power cable had a power reducing transformer (mains to 12volt), I would think this is more likely the fault.

Is the power device still functioning?, if so take it to a local shop (or friend) who has a multimeter tester, and check the output.

If the device is faulty, contact Belkin and ask their advice.

Ask a local computer dealer about repair costs, possibly a lot cheaper than PCWorld.

  lillianni 15:08 15 Nov 2009

thanks Terry I will get it tested, I thought PC World were talking kak

  spuds 15:36 15 Nov 2009

I don't know if Belkin still have their freephone telephone support, but either way I would suggest that you contact them for further adice. In the past I have found them very helpful, and all for free!.

There is a forum member called ajm, who might be able to offer help in dealing with PC World. No doubt and most likely he will drop in shortly!.

  spuds 15:37 15 Nov 2009

might even be advice (adice!) ;o)

  Spark6 16:02 15 Nov 2009

Could you please post details of the adaptor. Having googled 'Belkin multi-purpose adaptor' the results left me confused including a mention of someone with the same problem as you!

  lillianni 16:07 15 Nov 2009

It's called a "power-tip", comes with a range of attachments to fit most ports and an in car charger

  lillianni 16:15 15 Nov 2009

it also says on the back "laptop power adaptor for travel model #F5L010, input 100-240V output 16-24V

  interzone55 16:48 15 Nov 2009

As this is a multi-voltage adaptor are you 100% sure you set it to the correct voltage for your laptop.

Your laptop is rated at 18.5v, if you pumped in the power at 24v it could easily cause the connector to over-heat and melt...

  lillianni 17:29 15 Nov 2009

there is no manual way of altering the voltage, it's self regulating

  oresome 18:22 15 Nov 2009

I would guess there has been a high resistance connection, either between the plug and socket, or between the socket and the motherboard.

The effect of the high resistance is that heat is generated when current is passing through, melting the connector.

Exactly why there was a high resistance is speculation at this stage. The plug could be the wrong size for the socket or the socket could have been faulty prior to introducing the new PSU.

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