PC World Store - Inefficiency

  linx 09:23 27 Jun 2004

I was so disappointed with the services at the PC World store at Staples Corner in North West London that I wish to share the experience with you all readers.

Yesterday I went there to buy a PNY 256 MB SDRAM DIMM memory for my desktop PC. I was told to take the empty package to pay at the cashier counter before I would be given the item at the Customer Service counter. The cashier took the money from my credit card but when I went to fetch the item I was told it was out of stock, and they had to give me a refund. This was absolutely unbelievable inefficiency at the extreme. I waited for at least 10 minutes to pay at the cashier counter, and then another 20 minutes for my turn at the customer service counter to be told the item was out of stock. All the Store Supervisor could say to me was he was sorry, and he admitted that the system should have stopped the cashier from taking money from my credit card.

I need it desperately and that was why I went to PC World instead of buying it online. Also I needed advice on which type of memory I should get and I was not sure if I could get this advice online.

I was not even sure now if the staff at PC World has given me the right information. I would be grateful if any of you could tell me if there is a way to determine the right memory to get. I have a Gateway G7-450 P3 450 MHz processor, and I have already got 256MB memory and I want to increae it to 512 MB.

Many thanks in advance for your attention.

  Rayuk 09:30 27 Jun 2004

Go to Crucial online memory advisor

click here

Good prices/delivery/customer service and warranty

  sidecar sid 09:34 27 Jun 2004
  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 27 Jun 2004

You are totally over-reacting.

Out of stock items happen even in Internet companies. In spite of all the whizz-bang stock control systems in the world every company has this problem....stock should be in but not there.

You got refunded and if you had to wait, for the huge time of half an hour total, it would seem that the store was busy (has to be a reason) and you were NOT the only customer in the land.

'All the Store Supervisor could say to me was he was sorry'...what do you expect him to do, dance a jig naked down the High Street, singing extracts from Aida, with a rose in his mouth? He has graciously apologized which is more than a lot of places would do; accept it with the sincerity that it was given.

You have had good advice to go with Crucial. I fail to see how a common mistake and an apology rate as such a 'disappointment.


  Forum Editor 10:10 27 Jun 2004

as if you were very much looking forward to getting your new RAM, and when you were thwarted at the last moment your disappointment was immense. Most of us have experienced similar feelings at some point, but your reaction does seem rather over the top in the circumstances.

I use the Staples corner store quite frequently, and I am usually quite impressed with their customer service. What happened in your case was caused by a simple human error, or by a software fault in the stock control system - annoying, but not something that should stop the planet in its orbit. Go to Crucial, order your memory, get it within two days, and forget the PCW incident.

  Rayuk 10:27 27 Jun 2004

Maybe I am a little slow this morning but fail to see either
"Toys out of the pram" or "over the top" in linxs post,it was just a summary of what happened and a personal feeling on that,no more no less.

  linx 10:39 27 Jun 2004

Thanks to Rayuk and Sidecar Sid.

GANDALF and the Forum Editor seem to think that I am the only disappointed customer of PC World and evrybody else should behave like they did and accept sub-standard services.

I will go to Crucial and hope this will be the end of my problem.

Case closed.

  Mister Splendid 11:24 27 Jun 2004

I'm with Linx on this one. Taking money via Linx's card when the item was out of stock and then making him/her wait 20 minutes for a refund to correct THEIR mistake is poor service indeed. However I have to suggest, as GANDALF <|:-)> and the FE do, that Linx should go to Crucial.

  pipedream 16:37 27 Jun 2004

Linx - I don't think you're over-reacting either. If everyone just accepted this poor service, PC World would probably be worse than it is already. As for "stamping down on prices", well...

  Totally-braindead 17:25 27 Jun 2004

Almost anything PC World are selling even their so called specials you can get cheaper by shopping about, the only advantage I can see with them is you can actually see what you're buying. Regarding the wait for refund its certainly very annoying but in my experience PC World staff don't have much of a clue anyway so I can't say I'm too surprised.

  Oddjob 18:38 27 Jun 2004

I agree with Linx. He should have had far better treatment from the person who advised him to take the product to the till in the first place, by checking the system as to the stock levels, which all staff can do quite easily. Memory at PCW is locked away in a cage and counted on a regular basis, (says a lot for their trust in the staff!!), so a quick check would have saved Linx a lot of time and messing about. There's only one good thing to say about PCW - it's shut now!!

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