PC World - "Sort It Out Yourself"

  BAC1-11 13:21 16 Nov 2007

Well, they didn't put it quite like that, but once again they have lived up to the low expectations I have of them for customer service.

On the 10 Oct I bought an Epson V200 scanner from them. This week I noticed on the underside of the glass, for about a quarter of its length there was film of 'dirt', the rest of the area being clean.

I took it back to PC World, Guildford expecting them to offer a solution to the problem. The person I spoke to looked at the glass and couldn't see anything, I explained the the scanner light had to be on to see the film. He then asked if it affected the scans, I replied I don't know as if it has been dirty since new I wouldn't had had a clean scan. He asked this question 3 or 4 more times during our conversation.

He then disappeared and got on the phone, presumably to Epson, he never told me who he was ringing. He came back after 10-15 mins and asked if there was a physical problem with the scanner to which I replied no. His response was if that is the case neither PCW or Epson would do anything about it. I said I wasn't happy with that answer as if the glass is dirty it must affect the scan. Once again he asked me if the scans were affected. Then he came out with what I thought was a classic, "perhaps the film was there to improve the scan"!!! I said, what just over the first quarter of a scan?

Anyway I wasn't going to get anywhere so after he offered me the Epson phone number I left to sort it out myself.

When are PCW going to appreciate the value of good customer service?

I have to say it is not the first time I have had bad service from Guildford.

A few months ago when I was looking for a scanner I saw one a particular one on display, but no boxed ones. I approached a member of staff who turned out to be a duty manager and asked if they had any more of that particular scanner round the back, he looked it up on a PC screen and told me they don't stock them. I said that there was one on display to which I was informed it must be ,'old stock. No effort was made to investigate, just it must be old stock'.

  Marko797 13:33 16 Nov 2007

why not use the machine, do a scan, see if the scan is adversely affected. If so (surely it will be!), take it back. Item not fit for the purpose for which it was purchased (SOGA). Show receipt, you seem to be within the 30 day threshold. Say u want a new machine. No ifs, buts or phone calls.

  Marko797 13:34 16 Nov 2007

demand ur money back

  oresome 13:36 16 Nov 2007

Perhaps you were too honest for your own good?

When asked if it was affecting the performance, it might have been better to state that it was impairing the copy image.

As it is, they consider it to be a cosmetic defect.

  Zaphod 3 14:05 16 Nov 2007

Must admit the Guildford branch are a case study in how not to do it!! A couple of months ago I bought a Belkin router from there, it didn't work, so I took it back.

When I entered the store I asked where I had to take it for a replacement, I was first told I had broken it, then that I had bought the wrong one. Neither statement from the staff member being true. Eventually having joined an extremely long and slow queue it was replaced with the comment that a few had been duff recently.

On a happier note the replacement has worked perfectly. I have been in there since, and the service for me personally has improved, maybe that is because the young lad who lives 4 doors down now works there, and he knows if he needs help fixing his car it is not a good idea to annoy me!!!

  Curio 17:56 16 Nov 2007

Nowt so grand as a bit of 'bartering power' :>)

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