PC World / Servicecall & advent 7036

  Rtus 18:48 13 Nov 2006

Purchase Advent 7036 P4- 2.6ghz -512ddr/mb + Dvd/rw + wifi etc. etc .
Plus 5 yr service plan (full replacement if they cant repair/ + accidental damage)
For daughters use at uni
18/04/06 Sound & modem develop fault . Sent via courier to PC Servicecall
08/05/06 Returned with advice note (motherboard modem & wifi unit replaced)

23/08/06 Develops overheating problems. Blank screen no control over keyboard /or restart. No power lights on although power adapter lit
sent for repair. to PC Servicecall
24/08/06 Returned with advice note . Cleaned heatsink /Fan ???

05/09/06 Overheating problem returns again. Blank screen no control over keyboard /or restart. No power lights on although power adapter lit as before
sent for repair. to PC Servicecall
20/09/06 Returned Note says No fault found . but then lists 2 components that
have been replaced (hard to read exactly what they were)
17/10/06 .Again shuts down & wont restart .this time I took it to PCworld . let their
Tech guys look at it rather than Wait for courier again .They book it in to
PC Servicecall…..
25/10/06 .Repaired .I collected it. New Hard drive fitted.
03/11/06 Unit shuts down unable to restart it.
04 /11/06 again unit shuts down Blank screen no control over keyboard /or restart.No power lights on although power adapter lit as before. I return it to PCWorld
Were advised By manager (who actually sees the fault )it will be replaced as they cant find/repair fault. To be sent vouchers via post within a week .
12 I call at Pc world .to find out whats happened to vouchers…
To be met with .Er we cant find any fault.
I point out the receipt I got from manager notifying us hed seen the fault. We were then told sorry I wasn’t aware of manager’s decision. I will have to speak to him & ring you Monday.
13/11/06 Tech guy rings .says What was the fault .& software were we running at the time ..I say “ read the notes I gave full service history to you on the day it was returned to you” He goes off to do that . & rings again later
offering a new motherboard replacement !! if they’ve got one??

Any advice on what our response should be ?

  spuds 19:22 13 Nov 2006

Very simple answer to this. The manager offered you vouchers,which you have accepted, for the full cost of the computer, because they have stated that they can not longer repair the computer(as per PCW terms and conditions).

You want the vouchers (for the full value), nothing more, nothing less.This will then give you the opportunity to make a fresh purchase, on perhaps something more reliable.

  Rtus 10:21 15 Nov 2006

Todays response from PCW is I miss heard the manager ??????"they claim" (what all three of us? + the fact manager wrote comment on service sheet & signed it) They now say I have to take it up with Servicecall!!! I wasnt too polite when i left the store.

  spuds 10:54 15 Nov 2006

If the offer is in written form, and clear evidence is available. Then take this up with DSG head office. I would also suggest that you have a word with Consumer Direct click here or your local trading stands or consumer advice centre.

I had a similar 'misunderstanding' a couple of years ago in the local PC World store, strange out it turned out after I made an official complaint, through the above channels. Also strange how the change of manager's was also evident shortly after.

One thing that I have noticed, you do not seem to have mentioned actual date of purchase, as this could provide further leverage to your claim.

  Rtus 10:55 15 Nov 2006

Are PCW & servicecall one & the same ? or not ?

  Rtus 10:57 15 Nov 2006

I ve been on the phone now for 38 mins & Im on hold again after various questions by the customer services girl.

  Rtus 11:06 15 Nov 2006

just been advised machine has to be looked at yet again before Servicecall will make any decission on outcome..

  ForestChav 13:19 15 Nov 2006

Is the machine in first year warranty or outside that?

If it's in coverplan but not in 1st year then the laptop will need to be assessed at the workshop before any decision on vouchers - it is essentially an insurance writeoff if vouchers are issued so that will come through Mastercare not PC World (subtle difference). The vouchers may be pro-rata of the purchase cost because you have had some use of the product.

PC Servicecall are the repair agent for DSG.

  Rtus 18:04 15 Nov 2006

outside of first year

  ForestChav 21:59 15 Nov 2006

OK then I don't understand why PCW said that. Outside the first year the store have no influence on the warranty procedures. In other words, the ball is at Mastercare's feet - in which case the laptop has to be out of action for a six week period with the same fault, the fault has to be located by the workshop, and then the unit is written off under the insurance (so not necessarily a full refund, but reimbursement to allow a like for like replacement). The only other way this policy can be waived is at discretion, if it is a poor service history or if it is written off on customer service grounds.

The vouchers are entirely Mastercare/Coverplan's decision, PCW cannot influence this as they only decide with warranty issues.

(And before anyone asks, I **used** to work for PCSC.)

  Rtus 22:28 15 Nov 2006

So correct me If Im wrong but is it not the technician at PCW the same technician that carries out the PCservicecall repair?

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