PC World Service Agreement

  Boyphil 19:35 14 May 2003

Has anyone had experience of the PC World Service Agreement (PC Performance)? How good is it, for the price?

I am about to buy a new laptop from PC World. It's a P4, 2.8GHz with CDRW and DVD and the price compares well with anything else I've looked at. They are pretty keen to sell the agreement and it seems to be the only thing that they'll consider reducing in price. It looks like a good idea, especially if the price is cut.

  davidg_richmond 19:41 14 May 2003

I am biased as i work for the company, but i have also experienced the service first-hand having bought a pc with 3 years PC Performance back in 2000. I have had three out-of-guarantee component failures and all three have been dealt with quickly and satisfactorily (without the support services knowing that i am an employee).

  steven_frost 20:00 14 May 2003

I've had hell with their service agreement i got an E monster from them after having a cd explode in the drive i was told that they needed to send and eng out to confirm that the drive was broken here's were it got fun eng came out and yes the drive was broken but he did not carry a spare dvd drive as they had to be ordered from E monster guess what none were in stock and awiting for them coming from the US some 3 weeks later it arrived and eng had to come out and install it so i dont have much faith in their service at all

  HardChikn 20:05 14 May 2003

For a reason unknown to me, i've never really rated PC world,s service, but i must give credit where it is due. I purchased a pc133 512Mb mem stick from PC world,s component line. I was not sure of the particular mother board max slot rating but i took the risk. I soon discovered that the max mem slot rating for the board was 256Mb each. Who exchanges a fully functional mem stick, and in this instance from the component line??? Well, PC world allowed me to swop the single 512 stick for two 256 sticks....I don't know why.

  davidg_richmond 20:15 14 May 2003

steven, sorry you had a delay with your replacement. my own dvd drive failed, the tray motor stopped working so i couldnt open the drive. within three days they had come out and swapped it - for a slot loader (apparently much more reliable as there is no tray).

  mikef™ 20:41 14 May 2003

Don't bother with taking it out when you buy your computer you have the normal 1 year guarantee so it is not needed for the first year anyway, and when your first year is nearly up they will write to you offering it then, my Advent is 11 months old and I have received a letter this morning offering me PC Performance, so you can make your mind up then and shop around for alternative policies and there are a fair few out there.

The reason they are so keen to sell it to you on the day is for the commission.

  carver 21:48 14 May 2003

Before you buy from PC World check firms like Evesham or Mesh, these offer a 3 year warranty on their products, if you do buy from PC World don't forget the first year is a standard warranty they have to give and with the latest consumer laws any product should give a reasonable life-span, so in effect you are paying a lot of money for maybe 1 year's warranty. PC World will try to scare you with tails of hard drives blowing up, burnt out CPU'S and the best one is if you happen to have it run over by a car,but if you have home insurance you should already be covered for accidents.But the main question is how much are you paying extra?

  wee eddie 21:55 14 May 2003

"The reason they are so keen to sell it to you on the day is for the commission."

What is wrong with Commision? It is a very good method of calculating the value of an incentive. Almost all Reps work on Commision, Amway was built on commision as has been Avon and GUS.

What we are discussing here is. How good is it? Not it's value for money or the ethics of pressure selling.

So far there has been overall positive response.

  mikef™ 22:34 14 May 2003

wee eddie

With respect the commission aspect of the sale is one of the main things that the OFT are investigating at the moment about extended warranty sales, and I'm afraid no matter how good it is if it is overpriced for what you get it is not a good buy, particularly since the original query was "How good is it, for the price?"

There have been many previous comments in this forum about PC Performance and the majority have been negative in fact in this response it has been one positive and one negative.

  davidg_richmond 22:46 14 May 2003

mikef, sales advisors at DSG get roughly the same money for PC Performance as they do the PC itself. In fact, there's a lot more money to be made from flogging Sky Television, credit and from the same value of components and peripherals as a PC (ie £1000 of printers, digital cameras, graphics cards etc pays more than a £1000 PC or £300 of cover). I personally don't think commission will be seen as an issue by the Competition Commission, at least not the way DSG works.

  wee eddie 23:22 14 May 2003

and the computer breaks down. Then it is probably good value.

If it does not break down then you have wasted your money.

The Insurance company is taking a position that the cost of repairs will not amount to the receipts from Warrentry sales less commission.

If they'r right, they all get Beamers. Either way you get any breakdowns repaired, but had you decided to fund them yourself, you could save money. In fact you probably would have, but do you want to take the risk.

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