Pc World Salesman of the year I Don't Think So!!!

  User-61B5AF01-13BA-4774-AC94294A4C56C799 20:05 23 Jan 2004

Recently my son was looking for a new system and had seen an e-machines 2.6 gig set up for £599 in Pc World. So off we went credit card poised only to meet the salesman from hell enquiring upon the system the salesmans first question to us was "what support do you want" I replied "what do you offer"to which he wold not say only stating again "what do you want" I eventually replied repair or replace any faulty
parts. WE DON,T REPAIR replace or refund only was the retort, so you do not require any other support then "no" I answered "Well i think your a fool"was his reply,taken aback by his remarks we carried on are you trying to sell me an extended warranty I asked and a short debate followed, the end being him calling me a liar about extended warranties. Now being called a fool and a liar in the space of 10 mins beggars belief, To this we told him where he could stick his system, another lost sale for the Dixons group.

  spuds 20:10 23 Jan 2004

Why didn't you seek out a duty manager.You may have got a computer, an appology, and perhaps some goodwill goodies.But on the other hand!

We did ask for the manager but he was not available was the only answer we could get.

  jaydeeace 20:15 23 Jan 2004

From PC world?

Well, I did hear a rumour that hell froze over once, but that was only because of a nasty cold snap - couldn't get the gritters out in time :oP

  josie mayhem 20:38 23 Jan 2004

I must have that look when I go into pcworld! For a long time they stopped asking about any form of extended warrenty on any item, but they do ask if I need a V.A.T receipt?

Must think I'm in business or something, sometimes I wish I was, next two appiontments, lesson in using nero, and one in using words and the computer in general, and one deciding weather he wants me to go ahead and build his dream gaming machine, I thought I was being quite reasonable when I said he was looking at about £800 all in, and that was everything monitor operating system and all!

But alas, parts are paid for, (before hand) but labour, I think that most think It's a labour of love, and a couple cups of coffee.

The salesmans was crafty he would not call it an extended warranty all he would refer to it as support, barebones I suspect he wanted us to buy an assisted support package

  Forum Editor 23:37 23 Jan 2004

(whatever the circumstances)is a disgraceful way for a salesperson to behave, and I'm surprised that you didn't go directly to the store manager about it.

Whether or not you wanted a support package is irrelevant - personal abuse is not to be tolerated. That's about all anyone can say now - you didn't buy the computer, and you won't be going back to the store, although you might be cutting off your nose to spite your face with that decision. To judge an entire company on the basis of one experience with a rude member of staff might be seen as a bit of an over-reaction, but that's a matter for you.

  Clach 10:33 24 Jan 2004

Well this is entirely consistent with my experience of DSG - and my brothers - and a colleague at work. I did get good service once. I knew exactly what I wanted, bought it without any hard sell on alternative products, no 'warranty' offered or needed. The new cable for my speakers still works fine.


  Steven135 14:36 24 Jan 2004

I went very recently to PC World to buy an e-machine with a friend I did ask about support my friend is very much a novice and may well need help when I move on especially if a hardware fault develops.

I regretted asking the question almost immediately, I was told that the basic warranty was of no use at all. When I mentioned fit for purpose even after the one year warranty expired the salesman insisted that when the warranty ran out they had no further responsibility at all. I took issue with him quoting some of the information from this forum. He still insisted (with a not very good grace saying that he knew his stuff and had been trained) in the end he fetched a supervisor who also insisted that this was correct and advised an extended warranty as this was the only way to be sure of support.

I have to say that this has not been my usual experience of PC World, we did buy the computer.

Had I not had long experience of good service from PC World I doubt I would have gone ahead with the purchase I reflected that it is dangerous to judge any company on an isolated incident.

I understand that companies, after pressure from the Consumers Association, have been given 6 months to sort out the problems with extended warranties. One of the proposals is the requirement to display the cost of the warranty with the price of the item.
Many people have household insurance that may cover a computer after accidental damage; as to breakdown, the cost of repairs after a year or so of use may well be less than the cost of an extended warranty.

  Djohn 01:51 25 Jan 2004

Our PC World store here in Norwich is very efficient, the staff are helpful and pleasant.

I mentioned a couple of months back in a thread in this forum that my Brother-in-law wanted his first PC and was staying with us for the weekend.

I took him up to the store and stayed with him while we looked at what was on offer in the price range he wanted to pay.

The sales assistant came over enquiring if he could help. I explained roughly what we were looking for and he guided my B-in-L to an excellent bargain. E-Machine with 15" TFT monitor.

He loaded the system on to a trolley and at the same time enquired if we would need an extended warranty. B-in-L said "No, as I would help him with any problems he may have" "That's fine then sir, I'll take your system over to the pay point while you have a further look round the store."

When we had finished looking round, we went to pay for the PC and the same assistant said. "I've put a complimentary pack of 10 CD-R's on your trolley as you will most likely want to try your system out as soon as you get home. Enjoy using your new PC"

So they're not all the same, some are poor at their job, but most are very pleasant and willing to help. I personally have bought many items at PC World, always found them to be polite and I enjoy going into the store.

On the few occasions that I've had a problem with anything purchased, the store has always replaced the item straight away, on two occasions even though I had lost the receipt. j.

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