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  Hrosir 08:34 22 Jul 2007

I recently purchased a , Scanner/copier from PC World and was given the usual talk about about an extended warranty. However I am now told that if I have to return the item as faulty it has to be sent back to Canon at my expense and not as previously to PC World for attention. have things changed regarding the sellers responsibilities? I am writing as a result of a comment by the sales person who said
"I am here to make profit for the Company"
( out of my earshot! ) Was I being pressured into taking out an extended warranty needlessly? I declined his offer.

  wee eddie 08:59 22 Jul 2007

If something goes wrong your first point of call is the Seller.

I shan't add the whole guff here. Just type the word Warranty into the Search Box and scan the multitude of threads.

  g0nvs 09:55 22 Jul 2007

Your contract is with the seller.

  oresome 10:26 22 Jul 2007

Many manufacturers have their own repair route and prefer you to use it rather than return goods to the retailer.

However this shouldn't involve you in any extra expense and should be an improvement on your rights as a consumer and offer a quicker repair service than going back to PC World.

The retailer has ultimate responsibility under legislation and you can take it back there if you prefer, even if they huff and puff.

  Johnnie_M 11:04 22 Jul 2007

You were being completely mis-sold, there is no expense to you, as previously said this is just a way to put the fear of must buy extended warranty fever into you.

At the end of the day, they sell you it, they need to deal with it, it is ridiculous just how much nonsense these huge retailers staff can come out with.

Go to the PCWorld website and fill in the feedback for the store part just to let them know.

  spuds 12:11 22 Jul 2007

When you were sold the extended warranty, was the terms and conditions fully explained to you. The law as changed regarding extended warranties, and the company must now provide full details before purchase.

You state the purchase was recently,how recent, as this can make a slight difference to your rights under consumer law.

Trading Standard leaflets might worth reading in the meantime click here You could also try contacting click here

  Forum Editor 12:31 22 Jul 2007

I think you'll see that Hrosir wasn't sold an extended warranty - "I declined his offer."

As the others have said, Hrosir, you're under no obligation to send the scanner/copier back to Canon. PC World supplied the item, and PC World must meet their obligations under current consumer law if your scanner develops a fault.

Fortunately there's no fault, and the chances are that there won't be, but if it happens you now know the procedure - take it back to PC World.

  Whiskey487 14:35 22 Jul 2007

When you buy something the contract taken out is with the retailer, not the manufacturer. For example, when a car breaks down it's the garage that repairs it then claims back the cost of parts etc from the manufacturer. I had a similar problem with Comet last year. A personal for letter to their MD soon sorted that problem out.

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