PC World repair service

  Graham. 19:33 14 Apr 2008

Went to see a friend's PC, locking up all the time. Seemed to be Norton-related, so downloaded the uninstaller. When I ran that, it froze every time.

I found a PC World folder which contained a maintainance book advising that a technician would call if necessary. This was still in force as they are paying £5.99 a month by Direct Debit.

When they rang, the first response was 'It runs out in 8 days'.

Second response was 'Use the F8 key'.

I thought £5.99 for two years would have bought a new PC. Any thoughts?

  recap 20:10 14 Apr 2008

Try ending the Norton process via Task Manager to see if it still locks up. Then you would know if it is Norton or not.

  Pine Man 20:20 14 Apr 2008

'I thought £5.99 for two years would have bought a new PC. Any thoughts?'

£144 for a PC, about as much chance as getting PC World to fix the old one;-))

  Graham. 09:50 15 Apr 2008

I got 'Administrator has disabled Task Manager'.

  papa lazarous 10:00 15 Apr 2008

First response - "It runs out in 8 days" - sounds bang on to me, they were just stating a fact.

Second response - "Use the F8 key" - again, sounds like the quickest way to get your PC up and running normally again.

From what you've said it looks like you have one or more pieces of spyware on your pc. You could try to install something to remove them if the spyware will let the removal tools run that is. A full restore would be the only 100% guaranteed way to disinfect your PC

A technician will only come out to repair physical hardware faults.

  Graham. 11:47 15 Apr 2008

First response, I quote myself 'they are paying £5.99 a month by Direct Debit.' How can that be 'bang on'?

'Second response - "Use the F8 key" - again, sounds like the quickest way to get your PC up and running normally again.' We would love to hear your explanation for this.

  papa lazarous 12:06 15 Apr 2008

1- It's bang on because they're telling you when it expires. It's not an opinion or course of action - it's just a piece of information.

2- Using the F8 on a current PCW pc will start the onboard system recovery which will restore it back to its factory settings. This will wipe off any malicious software and eliminate the possibility of any software causing the problems described. You could spend days trying many different utilities to clean the pc and get it back to normal without success.

  Graham. 16:04 15 Apr 2008

Suggests F10 for System Recovery. F8 is Safe Mode.

  papa lazarous 16:10 15 Apr 2008

Sorry, I was basing that on the first post when the call centre guy said to use the F8 key.
Many current PCW pcs use F8 to start recovery and not boot to the standard XP safe mode menu.
The key varies from make to make and also whether it is an XP or Vista pc.

  recap 19:33 15 Apr 2008

Try disabling Norton in Services. Start/Control Panel/Adminastrative Tools/Services. You should be logged on as the Administrator do to this.

  Graham. 19:43 15 Apr 2008

I'll try that if I have to go back. Hopefully they can persuade PCW to honour the contract.

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