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  second best 01:14 02 Aug 2007

Hello. I bought a laptop about 15 months ago from Pc World using the business account option. it cost 1300 but got it discounted for 1150. they convinced me to also buy the insurance, costing a further 570. then they suggested 'rent smart' and sold it to me in a way that suggested (and it clearly states this on the site) it was just like renting, only i had to keep it for at least 2 yrs, but could also settle at any time, paying an early settlement fee.

i had to have the power supply replaced recently. I had a runaround with it to start with, but i won't go into that on this occasion, but as a result of this runaround, no-one i spoke with having a clue who i was or who everyone else seemed to be. i spoke with 5 diff departments within my 6 hrs on the phone.

anyway, i've found out indirectly, i actually took out a 'loan' with rent smart and paid infull for the insurance. the insurance company offered to cancel my insurance and to refund any monies up to that date. they then realised it was none refundable and paid in full by rent smart. they seemed surprised at this.

i've since called rent smart telling them i'm not happy with the service and would like to cancel all and return the machine, and settle early.
they said i still owed 1300 to them for a loan, and had nothing to do with the hardware. this is how i found out i had a loan. it would cost me a further 1300 to end the agreement of 66.50 p/m. which i still have to pay till apr 09.

Pc world have misled and misold me. the whole idea to this rent smart, is that you don't use you capital. to 'rent' monthly and can update and just keep paying the same monthly payment. thsi is supposed to stop depreciation of you hardware.

i have a laptop now just over 1 yr old, which is already discontinued and showing it's age. i will have this machine till apr 09. and it will have cost me in total 2400. how is this system future proof, and how can they call it renting with no hp or apr, when i've sigend up for a loan. theres no way i would have agreed on a loan. none at all.

what can i do. i want to get out of this and just start again.

  wee eddie 10:30 02 Aug 2007

You were dealing through the Business Section, which assumes that you have a basic understanding of the ways of the world.

You appear to have signed a Rental Agreement with "Rent Smart" which was for a specific period of time.

Did you read that agreement.

Most of us would understand that "Rent Smart", buy the piece of Equipment from the Seller and then Rent it to you. Making their profit from the difference in the in the cost to them and what you contracted to pay them over the fixed period of time.

Which part of that do you not understand?

Did you perhaps expect them to perform this service for free?

I'm sorry but I cannot muster a great deal of sympathy for you as, had you done even a modicum of research, you would have understood what was involved.

  The Brigadier 11:17 02 Aug 2007

Sadly your in this for the duration of the agreement.
PC World sales staff sadly make money out of hoodwinking people into this scheme, but then they are a business making money & after your money as well.

wee eddie was to the point, but the fact you signed up to it you are to blame.
You may be able to get out of this if you can claim to having learning difficulties or can not read, in these cases you could have leave to get out of the agreement.
Other wise your sadly in it until April 2009!

  second best 12:14 02 Aug 2007

er. your tone is unhelpful. if you become annoyed by people who seems to make mistakes, i suggest you don't take part in a forum such as this. you might have well gone to an AA meeting and called them all idots for not reading the contents of the bottle.

i'm sorry, but there's only one type of idiot in the world, and it's the critical types who think they're smarter than everyone else, and take pleasure and pride in their, let's face it, limited knowledge.

it was offered to me as 'Renting'. There's little else to understand. if the word 'Loan' had been used, the story would of course been different.

What happend here is i was unfortunatley 'sold' on an idea by someone trying to make money themselves. They got me; hands up. Guilty.

my point is, i sat inthe store for nearly an hour, and it was offered to me as:
'rent it, that way you keep your capital. there's no hp or surcharge, and the payments stay the same. you can settle early, but there will be an early settlement fee. after two years you can upgrade to the latest harware, and keep paying the same ammount.

i understand that in an ideal world, we would all sit down with a lexican, a lawyer, or spend hours in the library becoming aquainted with modern law and consumer rights, but in this case i di not.

so the question is:

'can i get out of this agreement on grounds, that i believe, it doesn't do what it says on the tin?'

thanks for you time anyway.

  second best 12:23 02 Aug 2007

sorry to make this personal, but to add to your comment,wee eddie. this is indeed a help room.

if we all, just read what we needed to read to find the answers or the truth, surely there'd be no need for this forum, or any like it, coz we'd all be as smart as you. we'd all have manuals piled upto the ceiling, and know everyhitng about everything.

seriously, consider taking the day off.

  Chris the Ancient 12:36 02 Aug 2007

Descending to personality assassination is not a helpful attitude in this forum. It alienates other members and makes people wonder whether they want to help you with your problem.

You ask...

'can i get out of this agreement on grounds, that, i believe, it doesn't do what it says on the tin?'

If you have been using the laptop for approx 15 months, I would suggest that it is doing what it says on the tin.

You state that this was done through a business account with PC World. Are you actually a business? I run my own business and I would certainly make sure that any agreement I sign, especially for an item of such cost, I read properly right from the start and make sure I understand what I am committed to. This is what wee eddie (a long-established and well-respected member of this forum) has also pointed out.

In a properly run business, if you buy a new computer for that business, it becomes tax deductible at quite a high speed and fully pays for itself quite rapidly.

Finally, you admit to being 'guilty' of being sold on an idea. Unless you have documentation that proves you were mis-sold, I see little chance of you being able to achieve much.

  wee eddie 12:39 02 Aug 2007

And must have given them good reason to believe that you were in business.

The Contract you entered into is very common and many of us do this all the time. Most of my kitchen Equipment was leased as I needed the capital and the Equipment.

You may just be able to persuade them that as you were not a "Bona Fide" Business person, you had been led astray. But if I remember rightly there is a requirement to identify the Business that you are part of, and they might, equally, argue that you had attempted to commit a fraud by giving them incorrect details.

You did, after all, sign up to pay a Rental for Fixed Period of time and were given an Early Closure Option which you chose to take. How can you expect them to write off a loss just because you have changed your mind. That was someone's salary after all.

  second best 12:46 02 Aug 2007

well chris, thanks for that. i'm obviously aware i've made a mistake, i just wanted to know if there was any legal way i could get out if it. it's supposed to be renting, but i've ended up with a loan. two completely differnet words and contexts.

the 'doing what it says on the tin' remark, was about the contract as a whole. the machine is fine.

i'm not renting anything. i have a 'loan'.

if they'd just said, why not take out a loan with us, i'd have walked away.

never mind, it's obviously a no-no.

as to the 'assasination', seriously.! have you read what wee eddie came back with. can you not see it.

he pretty much called me illiterate amongst other insinuations.

but i'll leave it at that. you reply is bay far, more of a textbook and genuinly sincere response.


  second best 12:48 02 Aug 2007

ok eddie, thanks.

i'm up the river on this then, i can assume.

sorry if i came back to you a little short on temper. it'a character flaw.

i am a self employed photographer.

  The Brigadier 12:57 02 Aug 2007

You signed up to the agreement yourself & as your 15 months into the contract the only way out is to buy yourself out of it. This may mean paying the whole of the agreement up front.

The fact that now 15 months on since signing the contract/agreement you have little or no address through any legal matters.

The fact you signed this agreement is binding in the eyes of the law. You may feel you were miss-sold it, but you signed up for it so you must therefore carry on paying it.

You asked for advice and you got it.
It may not be what you wanted to hear but sadly you have little options on it apart from listed above!

  second best 13:10 02 Aug 2007

thanks brigadier, it is what i wanted to hear, just not in the manner i expected to hear it.

but seriously, regardelss of wether i read anything.

when did renting ever become a fixed term loan.?

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