PC World refusing to give me an exchange

  1RGJ 16:21 20 May 2012

Hi in January this year I bought a set of TurtleBeach headphones. Last week the left headphone stopped working due to a loose wire where it goes into the volume control unit, you can tell because if you wiggle the wire you will get a flash of sound. My missus took them back to the shop today but was told they wouldn't exchange them as we didn't have the till receipt any more. I then took them in to the store and spoke to the manager on duty. He said that was the company policy, even though I informed him that under the sale of goods act you don't have to have the receipt. What should I do and who should I complain to? Any help much appreciated. Mark

  spuds 16:51 20 May 2012

You may think that you do not need a receipt, but you would need proof of purchase, and this could well be a credit/debit or voucher card statement.

If the manufacturer have provided an extra warranty, they may also require 'proof of purchase', which could perhaps have been registration at time of purchase, or the retailer receipt. Perhaps you could try contacting them for help, because some manufacturer's can be very helpful with goodwill gestures?.

  morddwyd 19:45 20 May 2012

If you don't have the receipt you have to ptove that you bought them in the store.

Look at it from tehir point of view - for all they know you bought them off Amazon or Comet.

  Woolwell 19:56 20 May 2012

to add to morddwyd - or from ebay.

  ajm 23:55 20 May 2012

As an ex-employee of PC WOrld, I can say that you do not need proof of purchase. If you know exactly when you purchased it ( the more narrower date range the better) and if you paid by a debit or credit card, as the manager to do a search on their systems using the SKU code for the product and the date(s) range and it will bring up all the transactions relating to the product. They can quickly check and see which one was your transaction and identify it with the last 4 digits of your debit/credit card.

A common sense approach should have been applied by the manager, which in this case has not been.

Alternatively send me a PM and I can email you a contact for a very helpful person at Head Office to whom you can explain the situation and I am sure she'll be able to assist if she's still working there.

  Forum Editor 00:34 21 May 2012

Once again I'm indebted to ajm for his helpful advice.

As he points out, you do not need a proof of purchase in order to make this claim.

Many thanks ajm.

  1RGJ 08:39 21 May 2012

Thanks for your replies guys, I paid by cash :-( Oh well lesson leant, keep till receipts. Thanks again much appreciated.

  Chegs ®™ 17:46 05 Jun 2012

I purchased a £500 laptop from Dixons in the town,the shop in town has closed so I went to the next town where there's a PC World store.I asked for and was given a photocopy of my original purchase and all I had was the serial number from the laptop & the approximate date of purchase(3yrs ago)thus proving you don't need the receipt.

  xania 10:00 08 Jun 2012

PC World come in for a lot of stick on this site, so its good to hear that they can sometimes get things right.

  spuds 10:35 08 Jun 2012

They may get things right sometimes, but their trading terms and conditions, which is there for everyone to see and check, still states that 'Proof of Purchase' is required, and its noted more than once?.

No point in saying its not required, then trying to explain methods of retrieving past evidence of Proof of Purchase. In the end Proof of Purchase is required, as evidence that the item was purchased from this company and not some where else. A standard commercial practise perhaps?.

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