PC World recon?

  Bigfsy 19:02 15 Aug 2007

Hey all, just wondering if anyone has ever gone down this road, or knows anything about it?

im looking to buy myself a new computer for myself, and my sister is looking to buy a laptop aswell.
while looking around for good deals, i some how fell onto the pc world website, and then into their clearance section, where i saw their 'reconditioned' section.

the prices arent too bad, but i was just wondering about what state the product comes in, and whether they are worth the money? i like the prices, but im wary of the products being second hand...

any input appreciated :)
many thanks.

  Forum Editor 20:50 15 Aug 2007

is that if you buy one of these machines you will have exactly the same level of consumer protection as you would if you bought a brand new computer. The law makes no distinction in terms of your rights.

Secondly, these reconditioned machines have all been returned to PC World within 28 days of the original purchase, and have been thoroughly checked over by a manufacturer's approved refurbisher. The hard drive is guaranteed to have been cleansed of all data, and the computer will be in a manufacturer's box, complete with all accessories etc. To be honest, it would be very hard to tell that the computer isn't new.

Provided that you understand the computer will have been used slightly you should have no hesitation in buying. Whether your choice is worth the money is a matter for you to decide, but I certainly wouldn't have any hesitation in buying one of these machines.

  laurie53 08:41 16 Aug 2007

Do a search for PC World on these forums and see what sort of feedback they've had.

FE is quite right, but there are those who would not buy a new computer from PCW, let alone a second hand one, though I am not one of them.

  Bigfsy 08:52 16 Aug 2007

so youre saying, that buying a reconditioned computer/laptop is ok? but avoid PC World?

  Bigfsy 09:10 16 Aug 2007

and from where, would be a good idea?

sorry for double post.

thanks for help :)

  Starfox 09:49 16 Aug 2007

I bought one of these reconditioned pc's from PC World for my grandson, a Compaq it was, and it has worked without a hitch for six years. No reason why you should not have a similar experience, but I would advise you to NOT purchase an extended warranty which no doubt will be offered.

  spuds 11:19 16 Aug 2007

PC World are as good as any other retailer, they all have their good and bad days. PC World have had problems in the past with refurbished products, and not wiping clean previous owners confidential information from the hard-drives, but there doesn't seem to be much mention of this nowadays,so perhaps they have now resolved this past problem.

If a full 12 months warranty is given with the product, then you should be reasonably safe if anything goes wrong. A further safeguard, pay by credit card or computer finance deal, then you may have extra protection under consumer law.

  irishrapter 15:40 16 Aug 2007

See if you can find out why it was returned in the first place.

I would also ask for them to power it up and check for dead pixels on the LCD screen.
A lot of people will return a laptop if it has bad dead pixels. Although there needs to be a number of dead pixels before PC World will deem the item faulty.
Thats why some people will just return it within the 28 Days and say that they are not impressed with the performance.

  Bigfsy 15:48 16 Aug 2007

ok, thanks for all your help everyone :)

  Bigfsy 15:48 16 Aug 2007

ok, thanks for all your help everyone :)

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