PC World and a printer.

  lisa02 19:37 07 Oct 2008

Canon IP4500 is 7 months old, bought for £49.

It keeps saying the front drawer is closed when it is open and then eventually reports an error.
Tried everything to get it working but failed.

I took it back to the store who refused to deal with as they are closing for refurb and gave me a number for Canon.

Canon then passed me to a service centre who says I've to pay courier/postage which from Northern Ireland will approach the cost of the printer.

Not happy with that I called PCW Customer Service and she suggested I take it to another PC World store for repair. None are local to me and would require 1 1/2 to 2 hours travel by public transport (2 busses each way).

I then asked for a manager and she put me on hold and then came back saying if you pay for the postage and send us the receipts we will reimburse you - I got all the details on how to do that, not that I want to.

The cost of postage exceeds the cost of the printer... why can't they just replace it? Am I expecting too much?

  oresome 19:49 07 Oct 2008

Perhaps expecting it to be replaced was too much, rather than a repair.

Was the store open for trading when you arrived?

If so I would have expected them to have dealt with it regardless of whether the decorators were in or not.

  oresome 20:00 07 Oct 2008

I have just looked at the warranty details for my Ip4500 and Canon state that carriage costs are at the customer's expense as you have been told. I'd have expected them to send a courier to pick it up at the very least.

But of course, your contract is with the retailer, not with Canon.

  lisa02 20:41 07 Oct 2008

oresome, yes the store is still trading as normal at present.

I'll accept a repair but if they can't get it repaired (they've told me that they can't) then surely a replacement is the next step?

  Condom 20:47 07 Oct 2008

Contact the FE via the link at the top and he/she will give you the legal situation with regard your choices. My view is that PCW is the party who has to fix it for you and the FE will give you the correct form of words you need to use when approaching them.

  spuds 23:38 07 Oct 2008

If the store isn't closed, and is still trading, then take the printer back to them, and insist that they help deal with the problem.The retailer is responsible, not the manufacturer. Canon would be in their rights to ask for you to arrange, at your expense, courier arrangements and charges, if their terms and conditions state that. The manufacturers warranty is over and above, that what is required by consumer law, in other words, its a goodwill gesture by the manufacturer.

Within the first 6 months, its for the retailer to prove that the item was not faulty from day of purchase. After the initial 6 months its for you to offer proof.

If you still have the original receipt, there should be a PCW customer service number to contact. Failing that you could try Keith Jones (MD), PCW Customer Service Dept, 2 Nunnery Square, Parkway, Sheffield, S2 5DD.

Your rights and consumer law click here

  tullie 08:00 08 Oct 2008

Try not to contact FE,he has got enough to do without answering individual emails.

  lisa02 08:27 08 Oct 2008

spuds I took the printer back with box and receipt. He took the printer into the test area for a bit and then came back saying about Canon, I presume he saw the problem. I told him it's law that he had to give me a solution - he organise a repair or replacement. He said replacement only occurs in the first 28 days and after that it must be repaired by Canon. After a bit of repeating myself I saw a proverbial brick wall that I wasn't getting passed.

tullie (aka the FE's spam guard) lol I had no intention of emailing the FE. It's not a forum editing Issue, now, is it.

.....for a £49 printer I'm about to call it quits.

  Dizzy Bob 09:45 08 Oct 2008


may i ask which branch it was ?


  Dizzy Bob 09:51 08 Oct 2008


sorry, ive just noticed the northern ireland part of the post.


  HondaMan 10:08 08 Oct 2008

Under consumer law, a purchase has to be "fit for purpose" AND last a reasonable time. What that is has not, so far as I know, been determined by the courts, BUT, 7 months would in all probability be considered too short by far.

Press PCW, it's their responsibility. The cost of the printer is irrelevant and if you don't pursue it, you will be doing yoursef, and all other consumers a disservice.

Retailers must be made to face their responsibilities and liabilities

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