PC World Price match......

  2drewej 23:36 19 Nov 2007

Just looking at this and it looks quite a good 'offer' click here

But does anyone who has used this know if the price match would apply in store (when quoting online prices as displayed ^) or if you could get the price match and then pick up the product in store instead of having it delivered....As it doesnt really make itself completely clear on the site.?

  ajm 00:02 20 Nov 2007

Applies both on online puchases that have the collect at store reservation option or if you go instore and purchase is. Price match on website is limited to Websites: items sold by Amazon.co.uk, Argos, Asda, B&Q, Comet, Dabs, Dell, Evesham Technology, Game, Gamestation, Halfords, HMV, Jessops, John Lewis, Maplin, Misco, Play, Staples, Tesco, Toys r Us, Virgin, Woolworths

  2drewej 15:27 21 Nov 2007

this is confusing!!.........Well i went into pc world today to purchase the samsung tv...

They had it up for £199 and i found it elsewhere for £180 inc delivery

After spending 20 MIN waiting for them to confirm the price i got to the point of paying when they said the total comes to just over £180.............

But the price match clearly states "If you find a lower price for the same product and offer, we'll reduce our price by the difference PLUS 10% "

so shouldnt the total come to £162 ( the extra 10% is £18 )

They refused telling me i was wrong and the reason for that was they reduce item based on the price they were selling it for - which i didnt understand at all.????

Am i right or am i just not getting something here?!?!?

  The 12th Man 15:48 21 Nov 2007

Well, it is actually 10% of the difference. The difference was £19 and 10% of that is £1.90 so you should have got it for £178.10. It's probably not worth the time and effort to argue about it to be honest.

  2drewej 15:57 21 Nov 2007

ok thank you , i understand now - the offer is a little deceptive!

  oresome 16:08 21 Nov 2007

With the majority of these price match offers, I fail to see that they justify the effort involved.

You might just as well purchase from the cheaper supplier in the first place.

The exception seems to be John Lewis where they will price match and still give a 5 year warranty on large screen TV's, which has got to be worth having.

  ICF 19:40 21 Nov 2007

oresome said:-
"With the majority of these price match offers, I fail to see that they justify the effort involved."

If you want the item immediately then it's worth the effort

  oresome 09:24 22 Nov 2007

Fair point.

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