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  Cat G 13:30 03 Aug 2008

I am furious! As I can not get in touch with any of the managers or directors in PC World I announce my anger in the web. I would suggest every one STOP BUYING FROM PC WORLD.
I bought a TV and stand from PC World at the begining of July. It took 1h 30 min to finish the deal.Before I bought it I did my own research so I knew exactly what I wanted. The sales assistant knew less than me after 1 week research on TVs. When we started talking about the payment he offered 2 options: pay monthly with interests or pay just once before the 6 months period for the total amount and you do not get charged any interest. I opted for the second one and was very specific about it. I received a letter yesterday from HFC Bank telling me they will take the first payment of 18.11 from my account in August. Basically they will take this every month and in January 2009 I should pay for the balance if I do not want to pay more. INCOMPETENTS! PC World should monitor their staff and their performance. This sales assistant had no clue of TVs, no clue of PC World website offers (different than store offers)and obviously did not understand English very well when I told him that I WANTED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT AT ONCE BEFORE THE END PERIOD OF 6 MONTHS. I am furious because the time I already wasted there, the time and money I am wasting making phone calls to a not surprising APPAULING customer service and furious as the only option they give me is to go back to the store wasting time to tell all this to another incompetent manager, cancelling my contract and making a new one and HOPE THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE THE RIGHT ONE.
Thanks PC World. My customer journey in your company is going to be unforgettable.

  wee eddie 13:52 03 Aug 2008

Giving your bank details etc. You should have been given a copy of that. Check it out.

You may have been given the wrong Form, which was wrong on their part, but you must bare a small portion of the blame for not checking what you were signing.

If the Form is the one for payment before the 6 months is up, then a polite call telling them of their error will, almost certainly, get an apology.

You will find that most people react better to a polite approach, and tend to become defencive if shouted at or called incompetent when, in all probability, a mistake has been made.

Good luck ~ I would suggest that a quiet, pleasant, approach will get you further than a tirade about their incompetence.

  Woolwell 13:58 03 Aug 2008

Wrong forum and dare I suggest wrong rant.

PC world use HFC bank for these type of deals. Suggest you politely contact HFC bank and tell them you want to pay the full amount now.

  Forum Editor 14:07 03 Aug 2008

We don't permit posts that ask other people to avoid buying from a supplier just because you had a bad experience.

Secondly, I assume you were provided with a document outlining your financing option, and I also assume you read it - did it properly record the terms of the deal you entered into?

If it did, and a mistake has occurred, it has occurred in the bank, and isn't the fault of the PC World employee you refer to as incompetent.

Finally, you've posted your thread in the wrong forum area - it should be in our Consumerwatch section - and I'm moving it now.

  tullie 14:34 03 Aug 2008

Well said FE.The store sells probably hundreds of items,how long would it take to become an expert in all off them?

  spuds 17:04 03 Aug 2008

Your finance agreement is with HFC and not PC World, who are only acting as agents. The terms being offered by HFC are a standard procedure type for 'no-interest' charge, providing the full settlement is paid within the first 6 months. After the first 6 months, if the amount owning is not paid in full, you will incur charges from the day you signed the agreement (backdated). When you signed the agreement at PC World, you should have had a credit check completed, then if approved, which it was, you should have had a copy of that agreement. That copy agreement should have contained any information about the way you agreed to purchase, plus any cancellation rights.HFC have only confirmed this, and have provided dates of payments due.

To me, it would appear that you have perhaps misunderstood 'what you wanted' and what was actually going to be provided. Get in touch with HFC (there details will have been provided) and seek advice from them.

With respect about the assistant knowing less than you (because you had researched the product), is perhaps a unfair comment. Had I felt insecure about a sale, I would have perhaps gone elsewhere, for a more reliable response.There's no point in blaming someone after the event.

  interzone55 20:20 03 Aug 2008

As I've said numerous times before - you will never, ever get to speak or communicate directly with a director of any sizable company. They have numerous layers of management and administrative staff to protect them from reality.

The same is true of store managers, the will rarely, if ever, approach the shop floor whilst the store is open.

Now for my question to you, if you wanted a TV why did you go to a PC shop? Surely Currys, Comet or John Lewis would have been a far more sensible place to buy a TV...

  User2008 21:10 03 Aug 2008

PC World is not just a computer shop anymore, lots of their floor space continues to be filled with products such as TVs. The reason? Well as Tesco and other stores eat into the PC market, they in turn need to eat into other electrical markets.

Have you never bought anything from Tesco other than food? If you have then I feel you cannot criticise the OP for much the same.

I also disagree with your comment on Store Managers, my own is frequently on the floor at peak-times stacking shelves or operating a till between meetings.

The OP is over-reacting though about PC World I, like the others, believe the issue to be with the credit providers.

....and I do not work for PC World or any other company mentioned in this thread, before any says I do.

  interzone55 21:38 03 Aug 2008

I'm fully aware that PC World sell TV's, but Cat G was shocked the assistant knew less than they did about the TV.

My point is, if they wanted knowledgeable staff, they should have gone to a TV specialist, just as I would avoid Tesco, or any supermarket, if I wanted a specific cut of meat...

  User2008 21:52 03 Aug 2008

alan14 I see, I appologise to you as I did not realise that was the point you were making.

I have come to expect that I will know more about my intended purchase than most shop staff. I'll search the web for reviews & prices before parting with money, like most smart consumers do.

Shop workers also do not have a vested interest in learning about the lines they sell because of several reasons in my opinion:

1. The are just a part time employees, usually students who know they'll be moving on before long. They get their hourly pay regardless.
2. The product lines change so rapidly.
3. The company doesn't bother with basic training on the products beacuse of point 1 & 2.
4. As profit margins are so small and staff turn over is usually high see the first 3 points again rigorous training isn't viable.

Or they just aren't bothered or excited by the products like a photography or PC hobbyist would be for example.

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