Dragon Heart 23:35 21 Jan 2004

I am sick and tired of spending my money in PC World and then find the product does not work or a part is missing and have to take it ten odd miles back to the store. Well last night was the final straw ! I purchased a Canon i550x printer in November as a 'Managers Special' (£20 off), as I had a fully working printer already I continued with the existing one until the ink ran out last night. Swooped over the printers and went to put the ink cartridges in, surprise surprise no print head !
What is it about PC World ?, they spend all this money on prime time TV adverts yet they always appear to be selling 'damaged goods', well at least to me they do. Poor stock control and handling, ill stained or careless staff ?
Well PC World ................ that's the last money I will spend with you !

  Forum Editor 00:08 22 Jan 2004

Canon pack a printer with no printhead is it? PC World just sell the printer - they don't make it, or open every pack to see what's inside first.

  Djohn 01:09 22 Jan 2004

Dragon Heart, I'm not doubting your word, but did you check all the packing? The "Print-head" comes as a separate item to the cartridges and the printer. It will be in a sealed foil packet, it needs to be installed to the printer then insert the cartridge/s

  ons 1 02:01 22 Jan 2004

try shoping on there website if something is in stock then due to a backlog of orders they do not dispatch it for nearly three weeks but charge your credit card when you order you phone the help desk get kept on hold for twenty mins then get someone who is less than interested you send them e-mail but get no reply. i ordered something from maplins on thursday it was delivered on monday. who will spend my money with next time ?

  thisisnighthawk 09:08 22 Jan 2004

i was always under the impression that the so called "managers special" always had something wrong with them, comet are always at it, "managers special washing machine" you only have to look round it to find all the side dented in where someone has driven the fork lift truck into it...PC world are the same, all the managers specials are just items they would have no hope of selling, either broken, bits missing and so on. and there is always a punter who thinks it is a bargain....

  Dragon Heart 12:06 22 Jan 2004

This particular "managers special" was an ex demo model, whoever repackaged it at PC World is to blame !

Slight "Cosmetic" damage has never been a problem for me, but I also do not lose any sleep about not having the fastest CPU or graphics card. The "scratched & dented" area at Comet is where I look first, so the in built cooker has some paint missing on the side, a quick splash of enamel spray to protect the metalwork and who will ever see it ?

  MisterPaul 13:15 22 Jan 2004

for any goods that they sell, not the manufacturer. The buyer's agreement is with the store, and the store agreement is with their provider. So if PC World sell an item that is faulty, then it is their responsibility to put it right with the customer. If they then want to reclaim any loss from the manufacturer than it is up to them.

I have a very negative view of PC World, as can be seen from my previous thread which was closed by the forum editor.


  Sheila-214876 16:55 22 Jan 2004

Yes, I agree with MisterPaul. How come this thread is still live when I posted a similar thread that was immediatley deleted by the FE?

  wee eddie 17:23 22 Jan 2004

The reason that this thread is still active is that it has stuck to fact and not degenerated into a thread that is libellous.

I am somewhat in sympathy with Dragon Heart. However with his personal experiences of PC World, I am surprised that he did not check this printer carefully before he took it to the Pay Desk. Our PCW has a section for such goods and a prominent notice warning the customer to check the item before purchase.

If the period between purchase and the discovery of the missing Print Head was not too long, I feel sure that a calm, low key approach to the Management will probably bring satisfactory results.

  spuds 19:36 22 Jan 2004

Always check the item and any relevant written information before purchase. If you are not sure as to the items condition or specification, ask an assistant for help.Should the item prove faulty for any other reason, unless specified,then you have a comeback on PCW.

I visit PCW about once a week, and always check the Bargain Corner. Usually, one in nine visits I make a good purchase. The other eight times the bargain is not a bargain, due to missing parts and needed components, which in the long run would make the bargain more expensive than perhaps a new boxed item of the same kind.So its a case of buyer beware.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:02 22 Jan 2004

Have you ever considered that a customer could have nicked the head? Why not take it back for a refund or ask if they can replace it.


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