PC World! Miss-selling?

  Main Access 14:47 23 Dec 2006

I have just bought a new PC from PC world, In the process of buying it I told the salesman that i did not want extended warranty, or any insurance.
The salesman then insisted that I had to listen to his sales patter for the insurance and extended warranty, also he told me that if anything went wrong with the PC then without the warranty it could take 5-6 weeks for a problem to be resolved. When I informed him that the PC was covered for warranty under UK law for the first 12 months, his answer was “only if you can identify a fault”
Is this correct or was the salesman trying a hard sell tactic for the insurance?

  grumpygramp 14:55 23 Dec 2006

I would have told him where to stick the PC and gone elsewhere to buy

  SB23 15:15 23 Dec 2006

My view would be, you either want to sell me what I came in here for, or I go somewhere else.
My father in law would have turned around and said, "if its going to break, then I don't want it".
As for the time scale, it can take that long with a warranty.
I used to be in that position, and there is alot of pressure to sell extra warranty with products, that why I left in the end.

  lisa02 15:16 23 Dec 2006

Hard sell tactic.

If it's faulty in first six months it's presumed to have been there from puchase. After first six months the onus is on you to demonstrate the fault. Lets face it a fault in a computer is not that hard to diagnose...

also you can claim against them outside of the one year for repairs if it's faulty, upto 6 yrs for some goods. Usually they'll give in and fix it/pay for the repairs than fight it at court.

  lisa02 15:17 23 Dec 2006

Repairs must be done in a reasonable time. 5 to 6 weeks is not reasonable, it's bull.

  dx486 15:52 23 Dec 2006

The (PCWorld) have got into trouble over there selling before from Consumer Direct.

I helped a friend buy one earlier this year who had been given vouchers for PCW, the salesperson tried to sell a 5 year warrany, surge protector & extra software, when maggie said no the guy got very aggresive over her refusal & told her the pc would not get fixed, we walked at this stage!

  stylehurst 16:54 23 Dec 2006

I think you will find, under EU legislation that the warranty extends to two years. Not one year.

  lisa02 16:55 23 Dec 2006

Not the UK.

  pcw Manager!!??! 18:39 23 Dec 2006

oh dear, we try so hard to balance customer service, good selling practice and making money and then this happens. We offer pc performance which is great if anything happens or you do something to your new machine which wouldnt normally be covered. However we are under huge pressure to achieve figures to deliver profits to shareholders ( If I ran pc world i would scap pc performance within seconds and leave customers with basic warranty as the amount of hassle pc performance causes us in store outweighs any marginal extra money we see from selling it,remember no commision!) But after 10 years with DSGI i have come to accept extra warranty will be there long after I have moved on, so I offer it, maybe offer a deal to take the service to try and if you dont want it or dont use use it then cancel it and no one loses out. All our policies are pay monthly with no commitment and can be cancelled any time, and if you use your IT equipment hard you may just be glad you have it!

  Kate B 19:03 23 Dec 2006

Interesting post from pcw Manager!!??! but the
kind of experience described above is one of the many reasons I loathe PC World and will only buy there in an emergency. I hate seeing customers who don't know much about PCs being treated like gullible fools: it's as if the sales clerk is capitalising on the customer's lack of knowledge and attempting to scare them into buying an expensive additional product - the warranty - that they probably don't need.

Other reasons I loathe PC World: appalling signposting of pricing, the pile'em high approach to product display (makes the aisles narrow and I've more than once knocked things over) and the often shocking lack of real knowledge displayed by the sales staff. Additionally, I've been patronised more than once in there by a sales clerk who assumes that because I'm small, female and have long hair that I'm ditzy and stupid. I'd mind less if they didn't continue to do that even after I've started describing my PC to them and making it clear that I probably know more than they do.

Oh, and the prices are a disgrace, too.

  Main Access 20:01 23 Dec 2006

pcw Manager!!??!
The sales man in question actually told me that he was required to go through the insurance by law!

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