PC World Mis-advertising?

  superhoops 06:34 18 Jun 2009

I was in PC World yesterday and picked up a copy of their latest "World" magazine.

Had to laugh at the page about mobile broadband. I quote "Picture yourself updating Facebook on the bus, playing online games in the park or watching iplayer on the train.Imagine surfing the net at broadband speeds while lying on the beach......etc etc".

I have had mobile broadband for about 3 months through T-Mobile and most of the time I switch off through frustration as it doesnt even load a simple text page for 5 minutes let alone watch iplayer at broadband speeds!!. I travel over the south of England on a daily basis and so try this out a few times a day in different locations. Occasionaly it is usable but hardly at broadband speeds! I have googled for other peoples experiences and find that I am not alone. I regret getting in the contract for this but such is life.

Can anyone say they are pleased with the technology and agree that the PC World advertising is indeed correct?

  DANZIG 07:34 18 Jun 2009

I have a dongle with T-mobile that I bought from PCW and I've found that the download speed is quite good except at my Mum's who lives in the middle of nowhere. I'm lucky if I get a mobile phone signal there!

The issue I have is the upload speed - its terrible!

  laurie53 07:51 18 Jun 2009

Broadband coverage and speed is down to the provider, not the hardware retailer.

  interzone55 09:43 18 Jun 2009

3G coverage is patchy, and is really only reliable in towns & cities.

I have a colleague with a 3 dongle and he's very happy with it.

Perhaps it would have been wise to test a PAYG dongle before jumping into a lengthy contract...

  superhoops 11:03 18 Jun 2009

I know that the speed and coverage is not down to PC World, my point is they are advertising something that as far as I am aware is blatantly untrue. I am typing this in Central London on a parking meter and it took about 2 minutes for the page to load. Often I just give up waiting.
Alan14..Yeah you are right, I do tend to jump into things!!!(I got a Samsung NC10 with the contract which is a great bit of gear though).

  interzone55 11:41 18 Jun 2009

Central London is a problem because the mobile networks are swamped...

  Covergirl 12:38 18 Jun 2009

How can you say they are "advertising something . . . . blatantly untrue".

I'm sure that for each ISP you will get decent BB coverage somewhere with one of these mobile dongles; the key word being "somewhere".

And I'm sure you'll find in the small print it says something along the lines of "connection speeds may vary depending upon location. . . etc"

Same as with mobile phones - you'll only get a good connection if you're close enough to a mast.

I agree with you about the overhyped advertising though. These problems should be pointed out at POS.

And I agree that you should be able to test these things before you commit for 12 or 18 months, and that's what I did with "3" - and the dongle went back before the 3 day cooling off expired.

  superhoops 18:30 18 Jun 2009

"I'm sure that for each ISP you will get decent BB coverage somewhere with one of these mobile dongles; the key word being "somewhere"."
Despite having had this kit for about 3 months I have yet to get an acceptable speed, despite having tried it in about 100 different locations. Sorry but I feel that usage of the term "broadband" is totally misleading and unacceptable.

  Forum Editor 19:00 18 Jun 2009

broadband service for quite a while now - I use it on my laptop when I'm on the move - and I'm reasonably impressed. It runs acceptably fast on my IBM ThinkPad as long as there's a signal, and I have no complaints.

PC World isn't advertising anything that's 'blatantly untrue'.

  superhoops 19:21 18 Jun 2009

Why do i find the opposite then? I don't understand

  interzone55 20:25 18 Jun 2009

Is yours faulty, have you installed the drivers correctly, do you live in a Faraday cage?

It's the old "your mileage may vary" situation I'm afraid...

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