PC World Making a Habit of Good Service and Prices

  Pilch from exiled-gamers.co.uk 22:43 10 Oct 2004

I am normally one of the last people to think that PC World are good...

But today other than the assistant's not being the most helpful (One not knowing about De-Militerised Zone and me explaining for 10 minutes) leaving me and my friend annoyed as we couldnt find what we wanted a simple ADSL Router modem for his home network.

Anyhow the good price that i brought my DVD RW for i think was great!

I brought a Sony DRU700A in retail packaging. Costing me £69.99 on special offer. Looking on the net the cheapest i found using kelkoo was £55 from ebuyer, which was OEM and didnt include delivery.

Also though i got what i thought was a good deal on some DVD+RW, 15, in jewel cases for £15.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price's, although a bit more knowledge on hardware and software from the staff would help many more people that want to get into and are into computing lives easier!

So Keep going! I will be back...

  Mango Grummit 23:23 10 Oct 2004

I visit my local PCW quite often as I can browse about in there whilst wifey is shopping. I have had many bargains over time. Not the nationally advertised ones you understand but stuff they are unloading cheap for one reason or another. It's a great place for such purchases but the downside is, of course, I buy things I don't really need :o)

Yeah, the staff is not too good at any of these places unfortunately and that is due, I think, to PCW only wanting to pay slighty over minimum wages. A friend of mine recently applied for a sales position at our local branch and could not believe the offer they made him was serious. Obviously he did not take the job on --- and this is where they lose out. Good people with knowledge cost more than they offer -- but hey, they seem to be doing ok as they are, and so good luck to them and the people who work for them I say.

  woody147 12:56 11 Oct 2004

While I agree the staff in PC world aren't the most knowledgeable in terms of IT, I hardly think it's fair to criticise them because they haven't heard of a DMZ - they're sales support people not network techies.
As Gromit pointed out, they employ staff on an extremely low pay level and they're hardly going to send them off on a £1500 intensive IT course.
Also, If you have any decent level of IT expertise/knowledge then you wouldn't be working there in the first place.

  Sir Radfordin 13:05 11 Oct 2004

There can't be that many people in the general retail sector that know anything about DMZs - most of the people I deal with who actually work in IT know anything about DMZs.

As woody147 points out knowledge and expertise costs money and that will eventually come through in the prices charged which people simply won't pay.

  Magik ®© 13:19 11 Oct 2004

back to PCWorlds prices, what ever price they stick on anything, it will be cheaper elsewhere.but they are handy for seeing what the item looks like.......

  wee eddie 15:36 11 Oct 2004

Price is not always the whole cost.

  Dorsai 18:39 11 Oct 2004

How true.

add ontop of the price delivery price, the price of returning it when it goes wrong under warranty, the price of the phone calls (no doubt premium rate) when they lose it for a bit, the price of them then retuning it 'no fault found' etc etc.

then you have the cost.

PC world have always acceptede back my warranty returns with no argument at all. All it cost me was a £2.00 return bus ticket & i went home with a new one.

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