PC World Lost Laptop

  alanbod 14:29 15 Mar 2011

I will keep this brief, but I strongly recommend never to have anything to do with PC World for the following reasons. My laptop went in for repair under warranty on February 14th. I was told it would take a week and I got a text on the 21st saying it had been repaired and would be returned to the store on the 22nd. It never was and they since admit they have lost it. Letters to customer services and the managing director have been ignored. I was told on March 4th I would get vouchers for a replacment in three to five days, I am still waiting. They have taken no action to keep me informed and I have had to do all the chasing to find out what is happening. Every date for a response they have given me has been missed.

So you have been warned, go to PC World at your peril.

  Covergirl 15:14 15 Mar 2011

. . . but I'd be willing to bet they have a better success than failure rate or they would be out of business pronto.

However, another PC World failure story brings no great suprises.

  961 15:39 15 Mar 2011

You might like to ask the Forum Editor to get involved and also look through recent threads on this forum about laptops going adrift when taken to PCWorld for repair

They just don't seem able to avoid losing them, even though, time and again, they really do have them (somewhere) all the time

But can they find yours?....errr...not a chance

It's somewhere between Belfast and you, for some reason

Time and again, they admit it's lost. They even get round to offering vouchers for a replacement. And then? Bingo, it turns up. (Only to get lost again) Aaaarrgghhhhhhhhh!

Don't get me wrong. PCWorld is a great place to go when you want to buy something and take it home. Usually at a good price too. They usually have good stock, good choice, helpful sales staff

But their current method of laptop repair is terrible

  finerty 16:04 15 Mar 2011

click here

I take you might already read this post however they might be something there to help you

and you can read this post which might help
click here

I have read i seems countless stories about the tech guys who seem to lose data to losing laptops, never getting things done for the consumer.

It would be a good idea as 961 has suggested contact the FE

  spuds 16:52 15 Mar 2011

This story seems to be a regular event. Expect to hear that they have now found your laptop, and you should receive it back in a few days. Its happened before, and it may well happen again.

If you do receive it back, get written confirmation that it as actually been repaired.

  alanbod 09:41 25 Mar 2011

PCW eventually agreed to supply a replacement laptop to the value of the orginal. It took me a day to get everything installed again even with them putting some of the software on for me ( and using the wrong username). Their customer service dept phoned me yesterday, a week after I had got the new laptop and said they were sorry I had received such bad service and after some discussion said I could have £70 worth of vouchers for my troubles. They assure me that if the laptop ever turns up it will not be released unless the hard disk is wiped clean and all data removed. Somehow I am not confident about this claim. So I ended up with a slightly higher spec machine plus £70 for probably two days lost time and five weeks without the laptop.

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