PC World issues - Please advise.

  cheller 09:49 05 Oct 2006

Back in September 2005 I bout a PC from PC World. All seemed fine and I was really pleased with it. Then suddenly just after the 28 day cut off period the machine suddenly started not sending any power to the monitor so I could not use it. I telephoned their PC service call and went through loads of steps with them to try and recify the problem. When they could not resolve it they booked it into my local store to be fixed. I dropped it off and telephoned after a week to enquire when I would get it back, they explained that the parts needed were not in stock and gave me a date when they would be back in and my machine would be fixed. I rang the day after it should have been repaired to be told that the engineer had brought the wrong part and so I would have to wait for another part. This happened again the next week when another engineer went to fix. Eventually they had my PC for over 28 days so I demanded a replacement.

All was fine until February 2006 when the machine started switching itself off and failing to reboot saying disk boot failure. I again phoned the service line and went through loads of tests and eventually they booked it in for repair. I got a call a week later to say that they could not find a fault and I was advised to take it home. I did so and the next week it started doing it again. I took it back to the store, explained the fault was intermittent and left it with them. I then got a phone call to say the HD had been replaced and it was working. I took it home and it was still faulty so back it went again. This time they replaced the motherboard and said it was fine. I took it home again only to find it still did not work. The next time I took it back one of the senior technicians took over and I actually waited in PC World for over and hour and a half while he fixed it. At last it seemed to be OK.

However in September it strated to do the same thing again. I booked it in for repair and went to pick it up the other night only to be told once again that there was nothing wrong with it. I explained my problems I have had and said that Im not prepared to go through the same again. The technician spoke to the manager and after much persuasion on my half agreed that I could go home and get the rest of the PC (keyboard etc) and have a new completly different machine. As the dtore was due to close I told them it would be next day before I could come back and they agreed. However I went there last night only to be told that a different manager was on and the guy I spoke to was not working and they could do nothing except make me come back again tonight.

Basically I am sick of being messed about by PC World and now would just like my money back for the PC so I can go and get one from Comet. Do I have any rights to demand my money back or do I have to accept a new machine?

  freaky 15:33 05 Oct 2006

As they have offered to replace your PC, then you should accept it.

  pcw Manager!!??! 15:47 05 Oct 2006

Sorry to hear of your problems. I would take the offer of a new machine as it will be brand new and a have a full 12 month warranty on it so it would be no different to taking a refund and then buying a new one later on. I also am not sure you would you be entitled to a full refund as a retailer can take into account the length of time you have had use of the product eg feb to september(obviously minus the time you have been without it for repair etc) when offering a refund so they may offer you a reduced amount if your pushed for money back. Hope you get sorted with your new PC and you will more than likely get a better spec than before too.

  spuds 16:46 05 Oct 2006

Due to the fact that you agreed to the repairs, then you have lost your entitlement to a refund. Take the new replacement being offered, it would be the best and quickest solution.

  lisa02 18:16 05 Oct 2006

I think you had a bit of an amazing run of bad luck, which PCW endeavoured to correct.

You are being offered a brand new spanking machine again, albeit a day later when the manager you dealt with will be in work...

PCW Manager and spuds are both correct, you shouldn't get a refund. If you push for money back they can reduce it for the time you have used the computer(s).

Take the brand new computer, quick and easy resolution.

  Bailey08787 17:07 06 Oct 2006

..........and be thankful

such incessant pc malfunction (with different parts installed) suggests human fault rather than computer fault ;-)

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