PC World Insurance help, where do I stand?

  rochie10 19:59 25 Sep 2009

I bought a lap top from Kilburn PC World in Feb 2006. The sales person advised me to get the monthly insurance at £8.99 stating that they "fix" any problem.

Fast forward 2.5 years and nearly £200 paid, my laptop is running slow and I thought it best to cash in on my insurance and they will fix it with an indepth scan and remove viruses, which is what I was told they will do (in 2006)

I get my lap top back from the courier and they have changed the hard drive, therefore resetting my computer. Luckily I backed up any photos, but have lost all programs I had on there. ie;

Zone Alarm
Spy Bot
Digital Camera programs
Etc Etc

I called them up to complain and find out what happened, to which the guy on the phone tells me they only deal with hardware and don't do scans or fix viruses, even though they told me they do.
I was advised if I want my money back I have to go back to the shop and prove to the manager that the sales person did actually mis sell me the insurance. Which we know won't happen....

I went in none the less, and actually had the manager explain the lap top insurance to me, which is now called what ever plan.

I was told the same thing as 2006. I even asked the lasy what if my computer is running slow, do you just change the hard drive or do you fix it. She replied we never just change the hard drive, we fix the problem.

Very Very angry, feel like I have been sold down the river.

Where do I stand?

I have spoke to PC World, they keep sending me back to the shop. And I can't find any Managers or Directors on the net to send an email to.

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post.


  spuds 21:35 25 Sep 2009

I am very surprised that they did not do the PCW 'Health Check' procedure first, before replacing parts.

You may well find that part of the terms and conditions, it would possibly state that customer is responsible for back-ups, and PCW will hold no responsibility for lost data. I only hope that you did not have any sensitive material on the original hard-drive, because it as been known that sometimes, 'wiping' or total erasure of data is not completed according to company procedures.

If you want to take this further, then you could try Helen Grantham (Company Secretary) DSG Retail Ltd, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7TG. [email protected]

  Forum Editor 08:28 26 Sep 2009

it would appear to be the case that you were misinformed about the scope of the insurance cover (which is extremely expensive, by the way).

The problem is that you have no evidence - other than your word - that this happened, and after two and a half years you will find it hard to convince anyone that your recollection of the conversation is the right one. Presumably you have an insurance document, and this will contain details of the cover.

Replacing a customer's hard drive without some kind of prior warning is hardly what you would describe as a good customer service practice; losing data files is one thing - most people have an efficient back-up routine - but being faced with replacing installed software can lead to difficulties. Presumably you had to reinstall your operating system, too?

Where do you stand?

Frankly I think the answer is that you stand where you are now - the deed has been done, and apart from a company apology I doubt that there'll be much comfort from PC World. The right way to have handled this would have been for them to call or email you before going ahead with the hard drive replacement.

  ajm 13:25 26 Sep 2009

As an ex-dsgi employee of approximately ten years, I'm afraid I will have to agree with what the FE has stated. However there is one avenue open for you:see if you can find the original insurace document.

It was called Coverplan, PC Performance and now it's called Whatever Happens.

I remember, but not exactly when, either the COverplan or PC Performance had clauses in to say that you were emtitled to a Healtcheck one a year, which is what you should have had done in your instance. Over the years when this insurance policy changed names, some of the benefits were removed.

And unless you have the original documents outlining what you get for what you have paid for, there is nothing you can do, except speak to senior management and accept a apology. If you need any help in getting the names and email addresses of the directors of PC World and Customer Services, drop me a message using the yellow box.

I find it not surprising that The Tech Guys / PC World have done what you have said they have done - there are many instances here in the forums. I'm also betting that there will be more as recentg changes in the Group have resulted in a lot of service staff being made redundant, or are under a lot of pressure.

During my employment with DSGI, I used to see and hear similar stories from customers, however in moist cases was able to assit them "behind the scenes".

Good luck and let us know how you get along

  Forum Editor 16:31 26 Sep 2009

and contact him via the yellow envelope. During his time at DSG he was unfailingly helpful to me, and and on numerous occasions to some of my clients, too. No doubt he's helping his own clients in just the same way, now that he's an independent IT consultant.

If anyone knows about the inner workings of PC World he does.

  ajm 15:53 27 Sep 2009

Thank you for your very kind words. It is always a pleasure to help and assist in anyway I possibly can.

As an independent IT consultant, I have took forwards the same approach whilst in the employment of DSGI and have found that to be the best way of getting regular work. Majority of my work is from referrals from exisiting clients, with a few from direct marketing. Its hard work though, but very rewarding and satisfying.

I look forward to hearing from rochie10

  pooper77 22:13 06 Oct 2010


Just joined Pc advisor especially to discover like problems to what I have experienced with PC world.

I know this is an old thread but may add to others.

I sent off a damaged laptop for repair through Tech Guys and it only seemed like a cracked screen at the time.
The computer was away longer that they said it would be and I was in constant touch with them about the status of the repair.

Finally told that it had been returned and should pick up from shop.
At this time it became evident that hard drive had been removed and replaced. Asking the rep at the desk where the original hard drive is he called repair centre and they informed him it had been destroyed.

Soon realised there was no point in complaining after they showed me the form I signed stating they are not liable for data loss. But it strikes me that the statement is there in case anything unfortunate should happen by accident during the repair or if there was data loss before the computer was handed over.
It is a different story when they deliberately take out the hard drive and destroy it.
They could of at least returned it along with the computer.
Or warned me at the time of hand over in case I wanted to remove the hard drive myself.

When I complained, the rep at the consumer relations call-centre agreed that store rep should have done more to warn me of the possibility but would not agree to my request for a refund of the repair cost.

Just wondering if anybody has managed to successfully claim a refund for Tech guys unprofessional manner?

  shabp 22:58 06 Oct 2010

I bought my laptop 2.5 yrs ago from PC world when they forced me to buy the the monthly 8.99£ insurance. Recently my daughter spilled water on it and it stopped working.When I called the tech guys they asked me to send the laptop. A week down the line they have sent it back without repairing and a letter with it.The letter says that it has unexplained damage caused by neglect, abuse or misuse for which they do not cover.
Why do we take insurance? I gather its for accidents. If these were preventable then no one would had taken this whatever happens cover.
What should I do next with this unprofessional behaviour of tech guys? Please guide me

  HondaMan 10:24 07 Oct 2010

"they forced me to buy the the monthly 8.99£ insurance"


Seems like you might have a claim for mis-sold insurance. See the current rash of ads on telly or any solicitor

  spuds 18:46 07 Oct 2010

Check your policy wording, and see if there is a mention about accidental damage. If you have house insurance, you could also check that, it may cover the laptop.

Failing the above, you could try Consumer Direct click here for advice.

Would also mention that this thread is over a year old, so it might pay to start your own new posting.

  MIKE770 22:25 08 Oct 2010

Well OH wanted laptop so went currys/pc world, saw laptop, bought it, young lad on about the insurance £10 p.m., I told him warranty not wanted, he said it is not a warranty? uh! and If the ;laptop is out of this country the guarantee is void, especially the far east, BUT take out Whatever Happens we are worldwide & you are covered??uh? took laptop home to find DVD slot does not fit right so we took back to-day another yougster argued it was o.k., in good voice OH/me not good enough not operating properly, but told all are like that nothing wrong, rubbish not fit for purpose, so we got another brand and had returned office software purchased yesterday as the pressure and arguments with me over necessity of getting it £30 off, O.H confused being a foreigner, anyway got acer now more memory/bigger hard disk, and £9 refund. How they get away charging so much for this so called insurance weel beggers belief,we did not take it out, as being an old git I know nothing probably in the kids eyes, tried to tell me if anyone has a pirate copy of office it would be picked up as his brother has been fined £10.000 for pirate copy
at least my old copy of office is o.k. but according to him cannot be downloaded on the new laptop, o.k. well there is open office?

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