* PC World - Individual Store Phone No.s?

  lukealexander 02:07 22 Dec 2006

I need to check the stock availability of an item at PC World branches in Liverpool & Liverpool Garston, but the central line gives me no confidence and is also an hour of date. I can't find direct lines to either store in order to check with some degree of reliability. Both the stores are around an hour round trip, an hour I can't waste at this time of year.

Anyone know where I can get them, or indeed if it is even possible?

  puma22 07:33 22 Dec 2006

Is this of any help?
click here

  puma22 07:34 22 Dec 2006

Sorry, link didnt work properly but just click on it and then put in PCWorld. A whole list of numbers comes up.

  xania 09:16 22 Dec 2006

Try this link instead.

click here

Last time I tried, they did not have the part eactly in the store, but they then honoured the pricve on the next model up!

  spuds 13:30 22 Dec 2006

Not sure whether you can contact individual store's except through an 'adviser', try the 'Collect from Store' method.

  ForestChav 01:37 23 Dec 2006

Ages since I last did it, so this is vaguely off the top of my head - but if you dial 0870 242 0444 then (I think it's) *(4 digit branch number)#

Try it...

  lukealexander 02:33 23 Dec 2006

The [email protected] service I have used before but found it to be very unreliable. It says the item is out of stock, yet the telephone line said it was in stock (an hour ago haha). How would I go about finding the 4 digit branch number?

  ForestChav 17:33 23 Dec 2006

it's normally on the receipt...

  pcw Manager!!??! 18:30 23 Dec 2006

there is a good reason for this. we dont have anyone dedicated to answer the phone. this means customers who do have our xd number may end up waiting ages to get answered as we are all serving customers who are in store. secondly you may get through but the person you want is day off, on lunch or serving so then we have to pass messages, messages can get lost etc.... I find on the whole our customer service number are pretty good and no worse than banks, telephone providers or any other commonly used call centre. Collect at store will check our stock availbility acurately so you know what we have in stock at that time.

  allclear 15:24 26 Dec 2006

Ok Mr PCW Manager answer the following:

1) You have to hunt for a salesman for help?

2) Most of the Guys make you wait for hours on the Customer Services Desk in the stores. You can see them from outside that they are either chating with each other, on the phone or on their PCs, knowing full well, that you are waiting to be served but take their time to serve you with the attitude that it is them who are doing you a favour to serve you.

3) Why are you always short of Staff?

4) Havent you learnt anything about the priciples of customer service after being on Watchdog?

  allclear 17:34 27 Dec 2006

Where has MR PCW Manager disappeared?

Or do you have no answers to my questions?

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