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  SmokeyHudson 11:49 07 Jul 2006

I recently bought the Advent T9306 from PC World.
I transfered all my data across with out any hassle and just started to use it when it started resetting without warning.
The problem continued until it would reset almost instantly from turning the machine on.

My solution was to buy a new hard drive, install windows on that and use original hard drive as a data only drive.
This plan went wrong when windows would not install on the new hard drive, it keeps coming up with a blue screen error or resetting still.

So being fairly angry as my new PC is failing so soon I ring the customer support team where I am informed I must buy a 'System restore' disc for £30 which could take a month to arrive.
I explained that losing my data was not an option and that there was something more wrong with the PC itself due to the new hard drive erroring.
The standard reply was they can not fix it until i have bought system discs.

I decided to take it in store instead so I could prove my point. I again got the same answer about system discs and they would not touch it until I bought them.

Now is this legal?! Surely as the machine is under its year's warrenty and only 3/4 weeks old I should be entitled to a refund?
I am shocked at PC World's treatment of this case and any advice on how to take this further would be welcome.

A very annoyed PC-less customer

  Dizzy Bob 12:11 07 Jul 2006

Why did you not return the machine when you first had the problem. Instead you seem to have decided to modify it by installing another hard drive and then installing windows?

You can make the recovery discs yourself from the original hard drive, which the machine prompts you to do when you first use it. You should also be able to access the on board recovery by tapping F10 on boot up. This should take you to the recovery console. (obviously booting from the original hard drive)


  Fellsider 12:17 07 Jul 2006

As you've already tried to rectify the problem yourself, you have most likely violated the warranty anyway!

  SmokeyHudson 12:17 07 Jul 2006

I didnt use the PC for the first weeks as hadn't had time to transfer the data across.

I have tried the F10 option but it will not give me the option to select a 'Non Destructive Recovery' so I would end up losing my data.
This is not an option until i have been able to get my data from the drive.

The reason I tried the new hard drive was, and i still think, is there is something wrong with the system itself.
A new hard drive should have no worries installing windows onto it.

I would have still go tthe same generic reply from customer service who have agreed with me that something more must be wrong witht he PC yet will not attempt to look at it until the recovery disc's have been purchased

  Dizzy Bob 12:38 07 Jul 2006

I am pretty sure that the recovery discs will not let you run a non destructive recovery, so I do not think you will be any further forwards.

PCW are saying the machine must be restored so they can confirm the fault (i assume), but you are unwilling to do this due to data loss?

Can you slave the hard drive into another machine to access the data? - or even would the PCW store do this for you (ask the technician nicely!!)

You then get any revoverable data, the machine can be restored and fault confirmed. Job done!


  SmokeyHudson 12:43 07 Jul 2006

This is what i am hoping to get sorted this weekend.

Have had trouble finding someone that can accomodate another SATA drive. If i get get he data off I am more then happy to start all over again even though I don't think it is going to make much difference.

Thank you for the advice though - i just find it very frustating that they will not even look at the machine

  Woolwell 12:55 07 Jul 2006

I can understand why you are angry that your PC is having problems after a few weeks but I cannot understand why you put in a new harddrive and installed windows (where did the copy of windows come from?). I would have asked PCW to have a look at it as soon as the problem started. As Fellsider has stated you may well have violated your warranty.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:24 07 Jul 2006

To be truthful, if I was PCW I would be showing you the door as you have made a total mess of this. Sorry to be harsh but that is the fact. Grave+dig+own


  dontmeshwithme 13:40 07 Jul 2006

As a point of law opening up and modifying a pc does not violate your warrently as unlike say a TV, PC's are designed to be opened an configured by the user. However if you did something stupid like frying your chips with static then obviously this is not covered by warrenty

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:29 07 Jul 2006

Changing a hard drive will though..obvious really.


  dontmeshwithme 16:02 07 Jul 2006

You may well be the richest IT worker in the UK with the ability to retire at 42 but you know very little about the law. ADDING a second hard drive really does not invalidate your warrenty
, trust me.

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