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  Taran 16:26 05 Dec 2003

I visited my local PC World store this afternoon.

I decided a couple of days ago to start playing with video editing at home which, until recently, has held no real interest for me at all.

To cut to the chase, I bought a digital camcorder then decided to get something I could use for video editing without interfering with the other computers.

This may seem extravagant but it isn't when you consider what the other computers are used for - both my wife and I spend a lot of time working from home and in both cases we use particular machines and software setups.

Any excuse, I know.

Having spent some time chatting to the staff at my local store, I outlined my requirements. The two people I dealt with were very friendly and after asking some key questions on hardware types and brands it became quickly obvious that they both knew their subject.

They spoke to me in plain English and the second girl was only called over when one point I raised needed clarification and the first girl I had dealt with was not entirely certain on this one aspect. Rather than fudge her way through it she asked a colleague for help.

The actual system I got is not really relevant here; the service I got, its suitability for the tasks I require of it and the price at which I bought it is.

At no time did I feel that I was being patronised or that their attitude was anything less than professional. I paid a very reasonable sum and, more important, I left with the machine safely tucked into the boot of my car. They even insisted on wheeling the whole lot out to the car and lifting it into the boot for me.

PC World comes in for a lot of flak at times and it is not for me to say whether those involved are justified or not in their complaints but it can be all too easy to let the horror stories we hear about overshadow the successes that we don't.

It might be worth remembering that the satisfied customers are usually all quiet on the western front, while many people only ever hear about PC World and similar retailers in complaints in the press or on a forum such as this which can colour your views.

This is not the first time I have enjoyed good service and value from PC World and I doubt it will be the last.

Before anyone jumps on me and says they could have bought cheaper elsewhere, I don't give two hoots.

I have yet to find anywhere to rival the volume of stock that you can march in, pay for and march right out again with your chosen item in hand that PC World carries and until I do they will continue to get me through their doors on a very regular basis.

Mail and internet orders are all well and good and their prices may be very attractive. I like to go in, pay for something and go out again knowing I have it.

Well done PCW.

  obbit 16:44 05 Dec 2003

i get excellent service from my local pc shop. after hearing of the catastrophes experienced by other customers of pc world yours seems to be unusual as of late.

pc world, no thanks. just a personal view from experience.

  Steven135 16:55 05 Dec 2003

Have to say I'm glad PC World are there as you say they stock a huge range of products I too like the immediacy of buying from a store.

I have never had a problem with any of the things I have bought from them except for my latest purchase A Sony Clie which was massively more expensive than on the Web (buyer beware) its a brilliant gadget though and I'll be sure to do my home work next time.

  ams4127 17:21 05 Dec 2003

Well written Taran and I agree with your views completely.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:08 05 Dec 2003

As has been documented to yawnable excess I use PCWorld frequently. The staff are always polite and helpful to me. Any problems have been sorted out PDQ with little hassle. Having experienced some of the belligerent attitude of some customers who are returning items, I do tend to take a pinch of salt when I hear tales of woe (it is rarely the seller's fault if an item malfunctions).

There are also those who would not buy from PCWorld because they are huuuge and it is terribly British to support 'The Little Man'. Like any retailer, on the net or on the street, they have good and not so good prices, but even the much trumpted netsellers have a range of prices thast vary from excellent to expensive. PCWorld do, however, have the item on the shelves so you can see immediatley if it is OOS.


ps...before anyone goes on about 'Local Computer Shops', I have tried all the ones near me and their *cough* service, stock and knowledge were not a patch on PCW.

  steve7475 20:00 05 Dec 2003

went to pcw edgware road,chose pc and was told it was not in stock, however, was informed new stock was arriving that afternoon, paid for the pc in advance and returned to St Albans, recieved a phone call within 1 hour to say the pc had arrived at the store and that it would be delivered by taxi to my address, 2 hours later there it was - nice pcw - steve

  MidgetMan 20:17 05 Dec 2003

What a well written and refreshing post, I have always supported PCW both on prices and service, my local branch might, on first site be staffed by "kids" but i can tell you they know as much as, if not more than me!!, (and I have been building/sorting out systems for years)I have got to know the manager quite well as well. I have NEVER had cause to run them down and buy most of my pc stuff from them as the "brown box" range is really good value and handy on a sunday!!. Like you I like to go in, pay for it and walk out, bugger surfing the net to save 10p and then waiting days for it to be delivered (at extra cost) Lovely to hear a positive posting for a change!!!!

  nickhick 20:41 05 Dec 2003

I agree,as well. I have always had very reasonable experiences with PC World. I only wish there were similar outlets for good quality Hi-Fi equipment and I don't mean the paucity of equipment sold by the likes of Currys or Comet. I want to be able to walk in and walk out with a Denon Autoreverse Cassette deck!!

  Djohn 23:19 05 Dec 2003

Interesting and refreshing story to read Taran. Like you I have always received excellent service from PC World and recommend the store almost as much as GANDALF <|:-)> does.

I had my PC built for me by an excellent small local builder, and will have him build my next one. But I buy many items from PC World and when my Brother-in-law wanted his first machine only a short while back, I had no hesitation in recommending and going with him to the store.

I stood in the background and let the sales assistant guide him to the best PC for his requirements. The assistant was spot on and very knowledgeable and polite. We came away with one of the excellent E-Machines, complete with 15" TFT monitor for £599.00.

On arriving home it was a matter of connecting three cables and the PC booted up and needed no adjustment at all, just like turning on the TV, exactly what my Brother-in-law wanted.

He is still thrilled to bits with his PC and is constantly on the phone to me either asking how to do something, or telling me of something new he has just found to play with. He throws every incorrect command you can think of at the PC, it still comes up smiling, just like him. j.

  beeuuem 23:52 05 Dec 2003

I do recognise that service varies from store to store.
The last time I went to PC World I wanted to buy a laser printer, inkjet printer and a scanner. After trying for half an hour to get someone to look at me, never mind give advice, I left, did some other shopping and returned.

Same scenario and the store wasn't over run with customers.

While this may not be the case with all PCW stores, if they don't want my money I'm not going to force it on them.
I did get good, quick service and a very good deal for all these at Comet, who weren't originally on my list of shops to try.

  Sir Radfordin 00:50 06 Dec 2003

Have fairly mixed views on PCW. The meet the needs of a certain market and I don't always fall into it. They do seem to charge some odd prices at times - some good, some bad.

Have never had bad customer service from them, more often it's no service. I know people don't like to be pestered but there is only so much peering at a laptop in the vague hope some member of staff will stop their conversation to come and help you out. Even put a suit on once to see if it made a difference!

Went in to one branch recently to clarify the situation with a laptop they had on sale. Spoke to someone who agreed that their POS material was wrong and he would remove it as soon as he'd finished talking with me. He also went to check various facts to make sure he was telling me the right thing. If only they'd sold what I wanted I'd have been happy to buy from there.

On that last visit they did have ex-display HP5650 printers for £49 (£50 less than the normal selling price) but it doesn't take much to work out to buy the ink in PCW for the printer would cost nearly £60! A tempting offer looked a lot less tempting when you stoped to think about it!

As with many things my view is it's best never to say never. If PCW have the goods I want at a price I am happy to pay then I'll buy from there. More than happy to take my chances with customer service!

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