PC World Extended Warranty

  User-88C275E8-EB03-4BC4-A4366AF1623A2182 15:40 14 Apr 2003

Having bought a new Samsung TFT monitor in PC World I was persuaded, against my better judgement, to buy an extended 5 year warranty at a cost of £78.00. After all this is fairly new technology prone to pixel failure. The salesman assured me this would cover the product after the manufacturers warranty expired at the end of 12 months. On checking Samsung's website I discovered that in fact they offer a three year warranty. PC World have promised to refund the premium I paid for the extended warranty but appeared unconcerned that their salesman had lied in order to sell it to me. Doesn't say much for their business ethics does it?

  GroupFC 17:05 14 Apr 2003

I suppose the moral(s) of the story is/are to 1.trust your judgement and
2.do the research before you buy!!

But I do agree that it doesn't say much for their business ethics.

  geordiegraham 17:20 14 Apr 2003

I remember the day I became allergic to the Dixons Group. I was waiting to buy a pack of cassette tapes. There were 4 members of staff and no queue. I thought I had taken on invisible powers. Nope - the sales staff were useless. Never crossed their threshold since. Manufacturers offer better terms on extended warranties. The extended warranty game is tired and old and makes these fat cats lots of dosh.

  oresome 20:31 14 Apr 2003

Rather than blame an individual salesman, who can't be expected to know the detail of each manufacturers warranty on each of their products, DSG's systems should store this info and prevent an inappropriate EW being set up.

Always possible of course that DSG buy at a discount without the 3 year warranty as as it conflicts with their interest in selling a EW?

  STREETWORK 21:32 14 Apr 2003

I decided to upgrade to XP Home from windows 98 on an old (2years??) but useful PC which had the specifications for the upgrade. I asked PC sales guy if I could bring the software back for a refund if it did not work or I would need to change some of the other items I had, scanner, printer, etc. PC sales guy said that I could do this with no problem so I brought the upgrade. It would not support some of the items I needed so I uninstalled it. Back at PC world the returns Dept (if you can call it that) said that I would need to bring in the computer to check that the software had been uninstalled. Aurgghhhh, no mention of this when sold to me I said, but they insisted and I refused and sold it to another guy down the road taking a £10 loss. I have returned other software to them which would refuse to work and a refund was given with no questions asked. Anyone any idea what their policy is????

  STREETWORK 21:34 14 Apr 2003

I often go to PC world to wind up the sales guy... good fun especially if you mention that you need to furbish a complete office with new systems....here we go, here we go, here we gooooooooah....

  spuds 21:53 14 Apr 2003

The warranty period on monitors sold by the Dixon Group, especially PCW,can vary I believe. About 6 months ago, I was interested in purchasing a Philips monitor. When the salesman started his "can I interest you in a extended warranty mode", I queried the fact that I thought the monitor was covered for 3 years, as standard practise.It would appear as though Dixon have some arrangements with various manufacturers on the length of warranty period offered.

  davidg_richmond 01:06 15 Apr 2003

a monitor with a 3 year warranty as standard has an upgrade of £59 for the extra 2 years, you should have been offered this. this also adds accidental damage, 1 yr theft and the usual new for old replacement guarantee above what Philips offers, also includes a discount on a purchase in 5 years time on something else with a 5 year guarantee.

  davidg_richmond 01:08 15 Apr 2003

although it depends on the price of the monitor - the £59 i quoted was for a <£300 monitor.

  Lead 06:26 15 Apr 2003

It's not true in all cases, but might be because you can use an OS without the installation CD; but to play a game, for example, you need the CD in the computer.

That aside, it's an interesting point you have raised. I can use Adobe Elements without the CD, so if I took it back saying it didn't work on my system, would they ask me to prove it? MMMmmm...

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