PC World error.

  flyboy 17:17 16 Jan 2006

PC World

On Sunday 15.01.06 I ordered a Netgear DG834UK router to replace my DG814 which is now obsolete. Price quoted was £53.29 online at PC world.

Today, Monday 16.01.06 I travelled nearly 20 miles to the superstore which was I of only 3 in my area able to supply the product. There was a wait at the collection point with several people waiting. Eventually I was dealt with, received my product in a carrier bag, paid for it with the receipt being put in the bag by the salesman and returned home, This whole process took about approximately 2 hours.

However, when I unpacked the box I found I had actually been supplied with a Netgear DG834G router. This G model is superior to the UK version as it has a wireless connection as well as the 4 Ethernet connections which I wanted. It is advertised at £74.99 online.

I decided to contact PC World by telephone (0870 xxxxxxxxx) in the belief that they would be grateful for the information and would be willing to take steps to effect a replacement of the correct ordered model combined with the return of the higher value product at the same time.


I was told by the lady on the other end of the phone that ‘ no arrangements were in place to effect such a exchange ‘ and that I WOULD have to return to the store to do this at my cost.

I stated that I objected to this and was not prepared to effect this exchange at my cost but was quite willing to do so if PC World would pay for delivery and collection.

She asked ‘ what was I going to do about it ‘ I replied that I was going to use the product unless they were going to pay for delivery and return.

Her response was ‘ That’s up to you ‘.

Not that it’s relevant but I do not go out a great deal due to mobility problems and it is quite an event to go to any Super? Store in the first place.

Nb: I have not yet installed the new router.

I would be grateful for advice comment on where I stand.

  Pamy 17:26 16 Jan 2006

Hi, are you happy with what you have?

If so, having pointed out their error i would install and enjoy

  flyboy 17:30 16 Jan 2006

Thanks Pamy, When My better half asked if I was happy I said "Oh Yes" but felt dubious about installing it, less dubious since my call to PC world. You have made feel even less dubious, but I'll hang for a while.

  bjh 17:40 16 Jan 2006

I'd keep it & feel delighted.

You have acted with honesty (I'd like to think I'd have done the same, but I might not have bothered to call them) and been straight with PC World; if they want to be difficult, it's their loss.

You are unlikely to have warranty problems - netgear stuff is well-made - and even if you did have to return it to PC World, you can still prove you bought it there (serial numbers on product would prove origin if things became sticky, and they won't. Netgear would honour the one year warranty themselves, I guess.

No, you go ahead, and join the wireless world.


(PS. I do try to check products before I leave the store to avoid cock-ups that might cost ME money; here, you've come out on top AND kept your integrity)

  Forum Editor 17:41 16 Jan 2006

Install the router and enjoy using it. If ever a PC World man comes calling for his router, tell him I said you could use it, and show him the door.

  flyboy 18:13 16 Jan 2006

Thanks for the comments and support. I WILL be installing no later than tuesday am.

I might even be seen on the networking forum shortly.

Much appreciated, Pamy, bjh & FE

  flyboy 18:18 16 Jan 2006

Thought I had Ticked the box

  pcw Manager!!??! 19:04 16 Jan 2006

I'm Surprised you were treated this way, mistakes do happen and the cost of insured courier collection would outweigh the cost value of the product crossover to the store. I would have thought they would have thanked you for your honesty and offered to exchange your product on the system and post you a new reciept with the correct item and product code to ensure warranty claims were covered.
Sorry to hear a simple error caused you such hassle

  xania 12:56 17 Jan 2006

I would say that when I made exactly the same purchase, my branch (Watford) admitted that they did not have the correct item in stock and, after a bit of a fight, gave me an upgrade at the original price.

  flyboy 16:15 18 Jan 2006

Just to advise result. Installed product tuesday, slight hitch initially as I in error did NOT switch off my pc. Spent an hour or 3 printing out the manual, browsed through this morning, realised the error (pc not switched off), installed it again and Bingo, Total success. Connected the grand-bairns ME and again Bingo. studied the manual a bit more, disabled wireless, Registered router with Netgear - went to Netgear upgrade site and found a new version ( downloaded, unzipped and installed. Once again Bingo.

It appears to be flying now. PC Worlds loss.

I note the comments from pcw Manager and agrre that mistakes do happen but I remain less than impressed with 'helpline' response and attitude.

In this I 'the Customer' came out ahead.

Happly flyboy

  spuds 17:57 18 Jan 2006

flyboy- Perhaps I have missed something, but you mentioned that you have a better (DG834G)router. Did the receipt show DG834G or DG834UK?.I am thinking of returns and warranty claims, as PCW have been known to state that they do not stock certain products at the time of returns.

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