PC World does it again

  merciarich 22:06 16 Feb 2008

Hey all

Just thought I would post about yet another problem we have had with PC World......

I have purchased 2 Advent laptops. One last year and one this year.

The first laptop last year was fine for about 5 months, then the hard drive developed a fault. It went to the store who sent it to Advent. They quoted a 2 week repair time, which was OK to me. 30 days came and went, and still no laptop.
After going into the store on the 31st day, it seemed that the laptop had actually been "lost" - obviously I was not impressed. I had even upgraded the RAM of the laptop at a cost of £100. They did give me the money I spent on the laptop plus an extra £150 cash to cover the cost of the upgrade, so I purchased a Toshiba laptop.

I decided to make another purchase of an Advent laptop due to the Boxing Day sales. It was an Advent 9112 at £499. Nice little laptop, very light weight and some powerful specs. However, as I found out on a forum, this laptop had a fault with the mainboard which affects the battery life considerably and stops the keyboard from functioning properly.
I took the laptop back and decided to exchange it for a HP... I think I made the right choice and dont think I will ever be buying from PC World/Advent again...... surely they cant be selling goods that they KNOW are not fit for purpose?

  ForestChav 01:14 17 Feb 2008

My Advent is fine.

To have problems with 2 different laptops would cause me to look away from the machines themselves.

  lisa02 01:14 17 Feb 2008

On the first incident it sounds like you where handled very well. You where reimbursed 1 & 1/2 times the upgrade cost plus the cost of the lappy. Deservedly so in my opinion for a month of waiting.

Your second incident though was just reading something someone had posted on a web forum. There could have been a motherboard/BIOS revision between the error becoming known and you getting your new laptop.

Did you experience this fault first hand yourself?

Anyway PCWorld changed the laptop to an HP for you.

So my conclusion from your post is PCWorld performed well to resolve the issues. A faulty hard drive is an unlucky but not rare occurence.

  merciarich 02:57 17 Feb 2008


1) There are currently no updates or revisions regarding the mobo faults - they are hardware faults that Advent know about, though little is posted on their website (wouldnt actually call it a website, it only consists of one page)
I had to rely on the technical info given by quite a few peeps on a support forum

2) PC World only decided to change it over after I quoted section 1 of Sale of Goods Act 1979 stating goods sold must be fit for purpose and if not, they may be rejected within the 6 months

Its not the first time that PC World have ben complained about, and I'm sure it wont be the last. As retailers go, PC World do seem to get most of the complaints.

3) The faulty hard drive was the last error to happen, happened this weekend. The battery and keyboard faults have been intermittent when the unit was taken from the box.

  lisa02 10:58 17 Feb 2008

They get most of the complaints because they get most of the customers. DSG are the biggest electrical retailer in the UK.

Pure speculation:
If the fault is intermittent and only appears on a tiny fraction of machines then it would make business sense not to recall them all and wait for the very small amount to come back.

  gazzaho 11:16 17 Feb 2008

I have to say that their customer care appears to be quite good in your case and they did seem to deal with your complaints without a problem. The reason I will never deal with them again is that two years ago they tried to sell me a reconditioned Samsung LE26R41BDX HDTV for the same price as a new one! In my opinion they sell old stock at inflated prices, for instance, a few months ago I bought a HP Photosmart C5280 All in One from HP's website for £93.00 at the time of purchase PC World were selling the same model for £130.00.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:41 17 Feb 2008

You seem to be remarkably unlucky to have faults with both laptops.


  merciarich 12:16 17 Feb 2008

I have never had faults with any other laptops I have had.

I usually deal with Toshiba or HP, HP I cannot fault at all.

Advent have just kind of proved that their build quality isnt as good, although they do still charge the same prices as HP would.

The advent I took back this weekend, I added £50 to the store credit and got myself the HP. A much better choice all round!

  redsparrow 12:44 17 Feb 2008

I ordered one of these click here= last night on the pcworld website for collection in store today.

I get to the store today to pick it up, the guy goes to the warehouse and comes back with a "pre-owned product". I asked him if he had any ones that are still sealed, but apparently all the ones in the warehouse were pre-owned. I checked the contents of the box, everything was ok, but all the content packing had been ripped open. Apparently the person who bought it didnt realise you needed a modem.

If i hadn't have needed it so urgently, i would have left it and gone elsewhere. Tried to get a further discount at the till, no way.

Is it legal for pcworld to advertise a product on the website and not to mention that they are pre-owned? and should they be saying they have stock of an item for [email protected] if they do not have any brand new sealed items? comment please.

  redsparrow 12:46 17 Feb 2008

Dont know what happened there, sorry didnt mean to hijack you thread will create new one.

  merciarich 13:11 17 Feb 2008

No prob..... think this thread was finished anyways :)

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