PC World and DHL have lost my package

  xbadhabitx 14:26 13 May 2011

I recently purchased an ipad from pc world, I had a dhl tracking number emailed to myself and have been watching the tracking situation frequently as the item has been sat in bristol warehouse since 12:16 am on the 10.5.11, I emailed DHL who told me that they had sold their express delivery service to yado, who i then rang to be told my order was in bristol. really helpful. So last night I contacted PC World, who kept me on hold for 25 minues while they rang dhl, who said they would launch an investigation as to why my ipad has just been sat there for 4 days. Rang PC world again an hour ago, who again rang DHL who said they had only actioned the search request this morning and were waiting to hear from distribution as to where my package has gone or why it hasnt been delivered yet, can anyone tell me what happens if they dont find it?

  iscanut 15:08 13 May 2011

You have paid for it, not received it so demand a refund if it does not get to you soon.

  spuds 16:42 13 May 2011

With the Distance Selling Regulations you can cancel the item and ask for a refund, but the refund could take 30 days, before its in your hands. Perhaps best to give PC World a time scale in which to give you a full refund or replacement, while the searching for the original is taking place. You do not have to accept vouchers or credit notes.

When items like this go missing, it can mean a case of administrative sloppiness or perhaps something criminal, when the item may never surface. Whatever the case, its PC Worlds responsibility to resolve the issue, and not yours to do the chasing.

Keeps records of time and out of pocket expenses, if you want to claim for these.

  finerty 17:37 13 May 2011

get a refund, this is not acceptable, PC world really needs to sort it out, but knowing them they will dilly dally about it until the cows come home. All you have o do is see how they repair computers to know how they treat their customers

  Forum Editor 18:07 13 May 2011

Anything that you order online is 'at the supplier's risk' until it is delivered.

Suppliers sometimes try to shift the blame to Couriers in these situations, but that's not your worry - you have not taken delivery of the item, so the supplier must investigate and, if necessary, send a duplicate item.

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