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  cazez 09:54 18 Oct 2009

I recently wrote to Mr Jon Naylor who is Head of Productivity for PC World about a Compaq laptop I purchased three months ago and that I had received really poor customer service when I returned to the shop with it to have it repaired.
( Letter 1 )
I received a letter from Mr Naylor ( Letter 2 )
which in my mind doesn't help in any way. He hasn't addressed the poor service in the shop nor does he address the issue of how to repair my laptop. I can only think that if people like Mr Naylor are treating the cusomer like this then it gets passed down the line to the people who work on the technical support department.
I don't know what to do next or who to write to,and what is so annoying is that I had to save for this laptop and I am really careful with it, why should the plastic spacer come out of the USB Port in the first place, I'm sure it wasn't my fault.
Any advice would be appreciated.


Letter 1
Dear Mr. Naylor

I bought a Compaq laptop from PC World in North Shields, Tyne and Wear in July of this year, I take very good care of it and have bought all the protective covers and bags for it etc.

I was using it at work and connected my external drive into one of the 3 usb ports; all was ok until I disconnected the drive because a small plastic piece came out of the USB port. I didn’t notice this but when I connected the drive again it powered out. I then saw this little plastic spacer and realised there was a problem as it wouldn’t just fit back in, it kept dropping out.
As my laptop is only 3 months old my wife and I took it to PC World on 4/10/09 I was told quite abruptly by the person from technical support that it was not covered on the warranty! He also said that one of the pins was broken and that I would have to pay. I opened my mouth to speak when he replied “I’m not going to argue with you “My wife said we haven’t come here for an argument just some advice on how to have to laptop repaired. He then said “well you’re going to have to pay for it “then he turned his back and walked away. I told him how rubbish the service was here but he just kept on walking.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you look after something and it goes wrong and to be dismissed like this from someone who is supposed to help!

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter dated 4th October 2009. Please accept my apologies for the delay with this response.
I was concerned to learn of the problems that you have experienced with your Compaq laptop. We endeavour to provide the best quality products and the highest standard of service at all times. I apologise if you feel that your experience on this occasion falls short of these standards.
The problem that you have reported to us is not a fault with the hardware. This type of incident is unintentional damage caused by the user and is not covered under your manufacturers warranty. All our customers are given the option of purchasing a PC Performance Support Agreement at point of sale that covers for damage caused by mishaps.
I apologise that I am unable to assist you further on this occasion. I trust that I have clarified the company position on this matter.
Yours sincerely,
Jon Naylor
Head of Productivity

  Forum Editor 12:58 18 Oct 2009

contains a spectacular flaw - he has made an assumption about how the plastic spacer came to separate from the port.

"This type of incident is unintentional damage caused by the user and is not covered under your manufacturers warranty."

To which my response would be: 'How can you possibly know that the damage was caused by me?'

In all the time I have been using USB devices on laptops and desktops I haven't experienced a single instance of this fault occurring, neither have I ever heard of it happening on a client's computer. It would take quite a bit of determination and physical abuse of a USB port to make the plastic spacer detach itself - unless the port was faulty in the first place.

Tell Mr. Naylor what I have said - word for word if you like - and tell him that you look to PC World to rectify the problem - either by fitting a new USB port, or by replacing the machine with a new one.

  PalaeoBill 13:35 18 Oct 2009

In support of the FE's statement. As a field geologist, I have used ordinary laptops (no special modifications) in the most extreme of environments and also in the classroom with the heaviest handed children and undergraduates you can imagine (where the laptops got arguably the tougher treatment). I have never experienced a single instance of this fault occurring.
If you would like written testimony click the yellow envelope.

  ajm 14:32 18 Oct 2009

I second the FE's advice - however I can assure you that writing to Jon Naylor will result in your concerns falling on deaf ears. He is not the right person to address this issue to.

If you want me to give you details for the right person who would be able to assist, drop me an email using the yello envelope, along with the date of purchase, and from which PC World Branch you purchased it from.

  Forum Editor 15:43 18 Oct 2009

to act on ajm's offer.

  Ford Prefect 01 16:54 18 Oct 2009

Surely Mr Naylor could have sen the letter to the correct person.

Or would that be expecting too much?

  Condom 23:26 18 Oct 2009

This appears to be so typical of PC World. I stopped using them years ago after a similar couldn't care less attitude from both the shop and its "head office".

I was so annoyed at the time that I copied correspondence to the manufacturers UK office and they took it upon themselves to replace said item no questions asked and to this day I still buy this manufacturers products but not from PC World.

  FreeCell 19:02 19 Oct 2009

I know thst many (far too many I am sure) have trouble with PC World and will not hear a good word about them but my recent experience was very positive.

I bought an HP laptop for my daughter and after three months the left mouse key on the touch pad broke (small presumably plastic fitting underneath causing one end to become permanently pressed in) I went to the store where I bought it and was very politely told they don't deal with laptop repairs and all I needed to do was phone the number on the top of the receipt.

I did this and it was collected by courier the next day repaired and returned by courier within seven days. I received SMS text messages informing me of progress of the repair. No charge made.

Important that you keep the receipt. Cazez perhaps you should give them another chance and try phoning and getting Tech Guys to collect the PC and assess the cause of damage and repair. Like others I have never had any problem with USBs in the manner you describe and cannot imagine how "unintentionally" you would do this as you would likely need a pair of fine nose pliers to get in to break it off

  cazez 17:18 20 Oct 2009

I am taking ajm up on his offer.

I don't see any reason why I should go back to the shop for more abuse.

I wanted a much better laptop than the one I purchased but just couldnt afford it but I don't see why a more inexpensive laptops USB Ports should break in three months. I am also very very careful with it after all I had to save to buy it.

  ajm 20:05 20 Oct 2009

I'm looking forwards to hearing from you soon.

  cazez 22:24 20 Oct 2009

ajm I sent you an email via the yellow envolope

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