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  Dorsai 18:20 23 Sep 2004

This january I bought an Epson C84 printer from my local branch of PCWorld. (having done the on-line price compairsons, i got it locally, as it would be eisier to return if i had problems, and the price was about the same, more for the printer, but with no carriage charge, it evened out)

Then i was glad i had bought it locally, it stopped working. It would print text and B&W fine, but any colour image would only print about 2cm, before it hung, and eventually XP would report a comunication error with the printer.

SO i took it back. And the guy behind the customer service counter was nice as pie. Checked their stock, and they had none, so he suggested i go and choose another printer, and then he would do the paperwork for me.

I ended up choosing a C86. I had just bought a full set of new ink carts for the old printer. I had not used them as it went wrong before i had installed them. The C86 uses the same carts.

The guy even double checked with me that i had not left any full carts in the printer.

SO fair play top them.

So as usual my local brance of PCworld's customer service was excellent.

  oresome 19:06 23 Sep 2004

What a pleasant experience. If there's anything that gains my customer loyalty, it's service like that, especially when I've gone half expecting hassle.

  Dorsai 19:59 23 Sep 2004

And it was hassel i almost expected, even though i have never had it from this branch of PCWorld (or any other for for that matter). along the lines of 'we cant give you a new printer with full carts, when the one you are bringing back has empty ones', etc..but no, the only question asked was 'what have you done to try and fix it' to which i answered 'tried it on a differenc PC, and it still did not work right'..which was i thought was a fair enough question.

I suppose it depends on the local management and perhaps you are fortunate in your area. My local branch is on the A10 in Enfield and after my visit there recently, I felt that it would probably be the last.
I had just bought a new computer from Mesh and had been trying to transfer files from my old computer. After a few weeks reading the User Guide and exchanging emails with Mesh I gathered that I needed a connecting cable. The new computer has a DVD writer, something of a novelty to me, so I thought I should buy some CDs, as it appeared that they would also be needed.
One afternoon I decided it was about time that I did something about ir, so went along to PC World thinking that I would able to buy what I needed on their advice.
Possibly there are people on their staff who can give advice but it became quite clear to me that they were not overkeen to offer it. After poking around for a while I went over to a chap who appeared to be a salesman and, rather apologetically, interrupted the conversation he was having with a colleague and asked him whether he worked at the store. He begrudgingly dragged himself away and probably did what he thought he was employed to do.
I spent over £30 there and came away feeling that this is not really the way that shops should treat their customers.

  spuds 23:59 23 Sep 2004

I agree [in part] with AlbertD.The management, and the way they train their staff have quite a bit to do with PCW staff's attitude.Not saying that the customer is 100% correct in some cases, and this can cause friction at times.

The PCW store near to my location seem to have a regular change of management, and it shows in the unsettled attitude of the staff, and the way they deal with people.I don't think that you can blame the junior staff, as no doubt they are only following their managers orders and perhaps safeguarding their jobs.

  Dorsai 11:31 24 Sep 2004

"it depends on the local management"

Yes, I never really considereed it, but when put that way, it's rather obvious. A different store manager, and a different area manager, must have an effect. Not to mention the different floor staff.

  zincy 02:27 25 Sep 2004


Yes i know how you feel. Same thing happen to me in PC world too, when i had to interupt the salesman having a chat with a college. They both stood there looking at each another as to say you deal with him.....

  Xzrox 03:34 25 Sep 2004

I always find that the business section of PC World is really helpfull. And it usually doesn't have students working in it. :-)

To anybody who could pass as being a business - I can not stress how much better it is to be a business customer. It's not just better service: yes, they're very efficient, but you have a larger selection of items to choose from and their prices often seem to be lower for the same items listed in the standard (home section of) PC World stores.

  spuds 10:58 25 Sep 2004

Fully agree with you about the PCW business section. Recently though, my local PCW team leader of many years PCW employment, as transfered his services to the nearby Curry's store computer section.He was getting totally fed-up with the change of management and each individual managers working practises.With one type of manager he had a reasonable amount of free decision space, and with others it was a case of refferal to them all the time, which made his job more difficult.The irony of this event, was the fact that these 'superior' managers no longer work in my local PCW [until next time].What a loss of a good man, not to the DSG group but to PC World and my local store.

  Xzrox 14:31 25 Sep 2004

True. A shame. Good service is dependable on good management.

  Xzrox 14:34 25 Sep 2004

.... I also entirely accept that management varies all over stores. Even with 'secret shoppers' around trying to sniff out bad practice! I know that you can go to one store, be it PC World or even a Pizza Hut, and then go to another outlet, and the service could be horrendous! Is it a sad fact of life, or should we not put up with it in modern day? :-p

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