PC World / Currys Rip Off

  gardener 19:21 18 Aug 2007

I had to purchase a USB cable for a printer to quickly sort out a problem and I was amazed at the price these two companies charge (I believe they are one and the same company). PC World were selling them at around £20 and Currys at £15. Looking on the internet today I found that I could buy the exact same cable for £2.

I realize these companies have more overheads to pay as opposed to a warehouse on some industrial estate but the price mark-up seems criminally excessive.

  Head hurts 19:45 18 Aug 2007

i work in retail and this is business obviously pc world and currys can get this sort of price otherwise they would not sell them, we often have customers coming in saying they can buy items at less than we charge but the point being is we can sell the items at this price. if you sell a car you want the best price you can get and just because someone says there is one up the road for half this price you would not normally reduce. most retailers will sell for the top price they can, obviously some customers go elsewhere but pc world and currys will sell these cables at this price because customers are in the store and will pay this. pc world sell usb cables at 11.99 and charge 4.95 postage if you buy online.

  SW-880 19:49 18 Aug 2007

I just spent £870 on a PC from a internet site, a similar spec one from PC world wold have cost me £1499.

  spuds 20:38 18 Aug 2007

Last time I purchased USB cables was from Ebuyer's value range, costing between 50pence to a £1.00.Postage costs would have to be added, but if you buy other items with a combined of over £49.99 then the postage is free.

SVP and 7DayShop use to have similar offers.

  Kate B 20:41 18 Aug 2007

If people are prepared to pay silly prices, then shops will charge silly prices.

  Colin 21:26 18 Aug 2007

Of course you can buy things cheaper online, but if you need it now what choice do you have? Having said that the PC world online prices for USB cables are also in the region of £15. It pays to shop around!

  BT 07:33 19 Aug 2007

Tesco have them between £3 and £5

  Mike D 08:55 19 Aug 2007


Don't mention Poundland - I once asked the price of an item in our local one. Oh, the humiliation!

  Arnie 15:18 19 Aug 2007

Q&D stores sell A to B types for 99p.

I have never had a problem with them.

Have you seen the Aldi gold plated high quality scart calbles for £1.99? A real bargain.

Companies are in business to make as much profit for their shareholders as they can.
It's up to to public to shop around.

You would never believe the money I have saved on triple glazing and floor laminates, simply by checking the price of the same named products before parting with my cash.

Being a Yorkshireman helps here of course.(:0)

  oresome 17:49 19 Aug 2007

I think the reasoning goes like this.

The big ticket items are competitively priced because they know you research the market before buying and they'd lose the sale if they weren't.

You forget about the peripherals, batteries, cables, paper, cartridges etc and in any case take the view that they will be as equally well priced as the big ticket item and you want to use it when you get home without trailing around more shops.

I buy shoes from Clarkes in the sale and they always want to sell me expensive polish.....same thing.

They've all a living to make.

  hereford456 18:55 19 Aug 2007

For small cables & connectors i always use a small pc shop near me.
The are packaged in the same as Maplin's and cost half the price.
The bigger shops have higher overgeads & realise that some people will buy from them as it's easier.
If you want a bargain then shop around!

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