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  JAK68 15:42 19 Jul 2006

as I am not very computer minded, could someone tell if this is a decent computer for the price, and also if it is possible to upgrade parts on it at a later stage (i.e the graphics card to play games). see link
click here

  silverous 15:54 19 Jul 2006

It has 4 PCI slots (not sure if that is 'free' slots or if one is taken up with the TV Card for example).

You should be able to change the graphics card later, the case looks like it might be a special shape so you might not be able to change motherboard but if there are PCI slots I don't see why you wouldn't be able to add a graphics card later.

Looks like a decent spec for the price, I note it is reconditioned so make sure you get a year's warranty with it at least.

  SG Atlantis® 16:06 19 Jul 2006

No monitor.

Don't limit yourself to just advertised reconditioned towers. You can buy any system in PCWorld without the monitor... sometimes saving £200 when you don't take the monitor offered.

Just go asking loads of questions, they like that.

The Philips will be hard to upgrade, try getting a standard sized tower.

  phoenix198 16:50 19 Jul 2006

Have to agree with SG Atlantis® - I think this unit uses a 'half height' graphics card which will severely limit your ability to upgrade the graphics capability at a later date.

The 'without monitor' option is probably a much better route to take although £200 might be the maximum saving you would make on a system's display price. More commonly, expect a saving of £160 - £180 for a 19" TFT, £120 - £140 for a 17" TFT (if they sell 17" TFTs anymore!)

  DrHoliday 17:20 19 Jul 2006

It's a "reconditioned" pc, why?
It might be cheap & cheerful, but for £399 you could get click here

  DrHoliday 17:22 19 Jul 2006

Go to your local PCWorld and see what offers they have on other "New" systems.

Prices from £399 up to £599 all New & with a monitor + 1 year warranty.

Buying a recon model may be like throwing money away!

  wee eddie 18:29 19 Jul 2006

there are no "Cutting Edge" half height cards and unlikely to be any.

  Murielson 1 21:23 19 Jul 2006

I have posted a topic earlier today about reconditioned PCs and PCW was specifically where I was thinking about.

However, after reading this and other threads I called into PCW on the way from work and found the following prices for PCs I was interested in without monitor:

click here £490

click here £470

click here £410

I bought the Advent as it seems to meet my requirements and the Manager offered 2 free months (£5.99 per month) on their PC Performance Pay As You Go Service Agreement. Staff very helpful too and hardly anybody in the store late on when I got there!!

  SG Atlantis® 21:33 19 Jul 2006

either of the top two. Identical spec as far as I can see except graphics cards and I don't think there's much between them.

They'll play all the recent games but at low to med settings (I have the 256mb 6200se) so I know.

The PB at £470 has 4 PCI slots where as the Advent had only 2.

Go back to the shop and check the size of the power supply and whether or not the Graphics is PCI-Express.

My choice would be the packard bell 1559 at £470 providing the graphics is PCI-express.

  silverous 08:28 20 Jul 2006

Sounds like they've bought it already :)

  SG Atlantis® 09:31 20 Jul 2006


I did not pick up on the "I bought" sentence comment the 3rd click here...

Doh! thanks silverous.

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