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  DrTricky 17:47 07 Feb 2011


This is a short version of an on going complaint, as with other threads I would like to have the name and address of who to contact and complain to at PC World.

We bought a HP Laptop Sept 2010, had a problem with the DVD we have extended cover, phoned the Tech Guys tried to fix it over the phone but couldn't.

They came and picked it up on Jan 7th 2011, they installed new DVD player, and arranged delivery 21st Jan, stayed in all day never arrived. Next convenient date 29th Jan never arrived, promised to phone and arrange next delivery never phoned. Next contact arranged to have laptop delivered to the store we bought it from, PC World Solihull, never arrived. After many phone calls laptop has been lost. Arranged for voucher for replacement to be at the store when we got there we were told the voucher had already been redeemed. Now we have no laptop, no voucher and nowhere to go other than keep phoning.

Any advice appreciated, slowly losing patience never had this bad luck? poor service before. At no point have I asked for anything other than our laptop back. Without going further into detail its my daughters laptop who is at university and has come back twice in order for her to pick the laptop up.

  specialc 18:26 07 Feb 2011

I feel for you as i have just had the smae problem, i have finaly got my laptop back now. These guys are a waste of space, i have had no problem with the repair side, its the delivery system or lack of it :-(

  specialc 18:28 07 Feb 2011

contact Watchdog as well i have but with no reply but if others contact them they might do something.

  Big L 266 19:02 07 Feb 2011


DrTricky....I so sympathise with you.It really is the pits of a company as I know all to well from bitter personal experience.

That said,I would suggest you contact your local council and see if they have a Trading Standards Office who can take up your case.In addition if you paid for this item on your credit card, you may wish to contact them to see if they can also intervene.In both cases action by either of them will eventually garner a response from PC World.

I don't have either an address or phone number for them,but past experience has told me they don't respond to written complaints.

I do nonetheless wish you a successful outcome though.Perhaps another responder can give DrTricky the full name,address,contact telephone number and name of its chairman.

Big L 266

  Diamond78 09:26 08 Feb 2011

I hope you have managed to sort things out with this awful company. I am still being made to suffer with this company. Despite making a complaint, they still can't get anything right.

I was told their complaint procedure is just talking on the phone. They refuse to write to me with details of their complaint procedure. And I have emailed the DEO but I have never once had a reply. Good luck as you will need it and I suggest you email BBC Watchdog and contact consumer direct.

  Forum Editor 09:56 08 Feb 2011

is ludicrous, but by no means unusual - we have seen quite a few similar cases in our forum.

How a voucher that the company itself had delivered to one of its own stores could possibly have been redeemed before your arrival defies belief.

In any event, it's not your problem - the company promised you a voucher, and you haven't received it - the voucher (like any other item) is at the company's risk until you receive it. There must be a system for recording who redeems a voucher, and the people in the store must be in need of a reality check if they think that you'll just accept such a ridiculous story and walk away.

Rather than repeatedly phoning, I suggest that you get something in writing.

Send a special delivery (not recorded delivery) letter to:-

Customer Services Department
PC World
DSG Retail Ltd
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead

Outlining the circumstances. Tell them that you expect to receive a satisfactory response within 14 days before you consider further options available to you. Say that you have posted about your experience in our forum, and tell them that I have asked you to keep me informed as to their response.

They may be prepared to treat their customers in this cavalier fashion, but that doesn't mean we'll sit back and let it happen.

Post back in this thread when you have any further news.

  interzone55 14:50 08 Feb 2011

PC World, and other members of DSGi, rarely respond to letters and emails, so I'd go one step further than FE suggests and get a solicitor to write a letter for you. A family solicitor will normally have a pre-formatted complaint letter they can put together for around £30 or so.

I had an ongoing dispute with GM and they failed to respond to all letters, and even two letters off my solicitor. The first communication I had from them was after they'd received a County Court summons...

  DrTricky 21:53 03 Apr 2011

Hi All,

Sorry for not updating sooner. After more phone calls and two visits to the store where again we were told the voucher was already redeemed, we have finally manged to get a result. We again arranged for the store to receive the voucher, after we were guaranteed that the voucher was in the post but never arrived, we spoke to a store manager who went to her office and printed out one line on a A4 sheet of paper saying we had the full value of our receipt to claim. This included the software we originally purchased.

This is a sorry tale but one lesson came out of it speak to the right people, a team leader at customer care was actually very helpful and made sure we got our voucher. Most of the other service people were rubbish. I am lucky I have the time and patience to use the phone at work, as I must of made at least 50 phone calls.

Thanks for the help.

  Forum Editor 22:50 03 Apr 2011

What isn't good to hear about is the incredible chain of inefficiencies on the part of PC World. Lost laptops seem to crop up quite often, as do promises that aren't kept.

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