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  Danni468 09:56 01 Jul 2010

Hi Forum,

I hope you are able to help?

I purchased a Samsung entertainment system in March 2008 and agreed on a 3 year extended warranty. I have been paying around £ 10 per month.

The TV stopped working on Sunday - minutes before the England kick off...

Anyway, I dont want to go into the details of the conversation I had with the Tech Guys, but I was hoping someone would be able to provide me with contact names and email addresses for the Customer Service Directors?

Many thanks in advance.

  MAT ALAN 10:50 01 Jul 2010

click here

might help...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:17 01 Jul 2010

'The TV stopped working on Sunday - minutes before the England kick off'...I would call that a blessing and would have sent the store a £100 cash gift in appreciation.


  Danni468 12:31 01 Jul 2010

Lol - that wasnt the feeling before the game unfortunately. My husband was in such a mood, I ended up going out and buying a new TV from Richer Sounds for £ 300 to ensure he wouldnt miss the game.

At least they (RS) offer a loan screen with their £ 32, 5 year extended warrenty - as for paying PC World close on £ 240 on their extended warrenty plan - hmmf!!! What a rip off - no loan screen and a whole lot of bad attitude!

  daveeb 15:27 01 Jul 2010

Yes Richer Sounds warranties are really good, i wouldn't normally bother with them but for 10% of the cost of the TV you can't go wrong really. And you may agree with me in that I certainly wouldn't buy an extended warranty from PC world, Comet, Curries etc etc. Best of luck in getting them to pay out.

  john bunyan 19:16 01 Jul 2010

John Lewis give a free 5 year warranty on their TV's.Maybe not as competitive on price as Richer Sounds.Good luck with claim.

  Forum Editor 19:51 01 Jul 2010

what about your extended warranty terms - have you carefully studied the details?

Your TV is just over two years old, and that's not what you can expect from a modern TV in terms of a life-cycle. You have every reason to expect some action from PC World, and in your position I would be pressing very hard indeed for satisfaction.

  Danni468 20:19 01 Jul 2010

* Bought new Samsung TV in March 2008
* Agreed to 3 year extended warranty
* Have already paid over £ 240 on the extended warranty (£ 10 a month)
* TV broke just before the England game on Sunday (blessing in disguise I know) but at the time my husband was going mad!
* Did some research - very common relay switch problem with this make of TV and simple to fix
* Called PC World to see if I could bring the TV in quickly. They rudely declined and said they would send someone to collect the TV later in the week and would take up to 14 days to fix (so about 3 weeks in total)!
* I explained I knew what the problem was - they didn't care.
* Asked for a loan screen as most other extended warranties offer this service and with it being World Cup, you would expect them to make a plan. They said no, as I hadnt taken out the "premium" extended warranty?!
* As per husbands orders, went off to buy a new TV (NOT FROM PC WORLD) and managed to get a great little 32" for £ 300 with a 5 year extended warranty for just £ 32 and it offers a loan screen if need be.
* PC World collected the TV today and the guys were incredibly abrupt and rude. Told me that they would be in touch when the TV was ready.

So, basically, I have unnecessarily spent £ 570 - I could have just bought a really nice new TV for the money I have spent in total.... £ 240 for that sort of treatment is disgraceful.

Their extended warranty is daylight robbery!

Do you reckon I have a case here?!

  morddwyd 20:37 01 Jul 2010

I doubt it, unless the small print says that the TV will be repaired in a certain time frame, or that a loan replacement would be given.

  Big L 266 21:53 01 Jul 2010


Danni468....I so sympathise with you.This has to be the single worst ever firm I dealt with. PC World never answer emails or letters of complaint nor will phoning their head office make any difference. They are only good at selling and 'customer services' thereafter are non-existant as you've found out.

I suggest the following course of action will definitely get their attention.Rudeness and discourteous actions make me livid and you shouldn't have to put up with it.

1.Make a formal complaint to Trading Standards and ask them to take up your case on your behalf even though they've taken your TV away.I hope they can help on a point of law regarding warranty and purchase contract. PC World will look for any excuse to do nothing and for that they excel at.

2.I assume you paid by credit card? If you did, ask them where you stand in relation to your 2008 purchase.It may be the case additional pressure can be put on PC World by your credit card firm.I found that this action made them sit up and do something - albeit several weeks of hassle to get a result.

If both the Trading Standards and your credit card firm believe you have a strong enough case to proceed, then let them deal with it on your behalf. You do not ever have to put up with this stuff and nonsense from a ghastly firm like PC World whose business model is all show over substance.

I wish you every success though.

All the best.

Big L 266

  morddwyd 08:08 02 Jul 2010

So far as I can tell from the details you have given, PCW are carrying out their side of the bargain, i.e. repairing the TV.

The rudeness is a bonus!

Unless your agreement specifies a timescale, and a promise of a loan replacement, you won't get very far with either Trading Standards or your credit card company, except as maybe a goodwill gesture.

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