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  AMRXX 11:12 22 Jun 2009

Can someone please point me in the right direction on what i need to do now,
my story cut short...
purchased a HP Touchsmart from PC world last year it was faulty so they replaced it this year in Jan (09) after 6 months the hairdrive went on it, sent it in for repair, came back cracked and the touch screen wasnt working anymore and still have the same problems as before. Rang PC world direct and they said a engineer would come out and fix it. Even replace the screen, was he going to do it on my kitchen table?! waited for enginner to come out, he tried to fix it came with a new sceen but not a side panel which had 2 be replaced as they cracked it which we were told he was. didnt fix pc said it was unrepairable and take it back to pc world for a refund. Then rang ~PC world customer services they said as it was the second time it had happened and it came back damanged fom repair go 2 pc world with pc and get a refund. Went to store with PC, Its heavy to carry around! spoke 2 the manager told her what happened and she said ok speak 2 nick on tech guys. Spoke to him told him what we were told he said no, your not having a refund. His words were im the one who gives out refunds and your not having one!! i told him what the engineer had said and they person on the phone he didnt believe me and i told him i would ring them now in front of him at the store so they cold clarrify what i was told. rang up pc world customer serivces whilst in store they said yes you are entilited to a refund, when i was just about to pass the phone to nick on tech guys (who didnt believe me) he wondered of so i had no choice but to end the call,he then came back. I told him and he still didnt believe me! if he botherd to stay he would of known. So then he rang up the tech guys and told me to speak to them. I did and he said i was entilited to a refund there was nothing they could do to fix my pc, he then put me on hold while he spoke 2 the engineer who came out to my home that day and then spoke 2 his supervisor, in the mean time nick had started serving somebody else!! when the Tech guy came back on the phone he said yes ive spoke 2 the engineer who came out and my supervisor and your entilited to a refund, I said thanks can you tell Nick this, So I passed the phone to nick, he was still looking at another customers laptop. After he put the phone down he said no your not entilited to a refund, you will have to send you PC for repair and wait 28 days!!! I said well why have i just been told different and he said he was going to tell you what he just told me, I was a liar again!! in front of customers. the conversation got heated and in the end we left the computer with him for its 3rd repair and 6 months old as we were told it was the only option!! he also said that pc world customer serivces dont have the right to say if we are entilited to a refund! we left not even with a date when the pc was going in for repair. got home rand pc world customer asdvisors again to complain and explain what just happened where i was told on the phone once again we could have a refund yet he said to nick we couldnt apparently, and how nick had spoken to us in the shop in front of shocked customers!! then customer services advisor said they were in there right to say if we were allowed a refund and he still said we were!! I then went to work, i havent heard anything about where my computer is or when its in for repair and its nearly been a week!! can somebody help!?!?!

  RobCharles1981 12:07 22 Jun 2009

First Off I suggest you check your punctuation it's to confusing for us to read.

  HondaMan 12:42 22 Jun 2009

it would help to have some capitalisation!

  interzone55 13:37 22 Jun 2009

I'll echo the last posts. If you have so much text it helps if you break it up with the odd carriage return here & there.

Now, lets get down to business.

Who did you buy the PC off, PC World or Tech Guys? Seeing as Tech Guys don't sell PCs I'm guessing the former - so why does Nick in Tech Guys wield so much power? He doesn't make the decision, the branch manager does.

Did the engineer give to a repair report that states it's beyond economical repair? If not get one off him. When you've got it, take it back to the store and get your money back. If they still insist that you aren't entitled to a refund write to their HO informing them that you intend to start County Court proceedings against them (search other threads for how to do this, there's plenty to be found).

Customer Service appears to be an alien concept to many PCW staff. If more people put their foot down and took them to court maybe they might start a national program of customer service training, because it doesn't seem to be a problem in some branches...

  AMRXX 16:51 22 Jun 2009

I rang PC world customer services today. I told her the problem and that I hadn't heard of them, and I didn't know where my computer was.
She then rang the tech guys whilst I was on hold, and they had told her it was unrepairable. She then said she was going to ring my local PC world to see why nick was appealing against this. She then came back onto the phone and said that Nick thinks my pc is repairable, and it has been sent back off for repair. She then said He had told her he was sticking to his guns and I would have to wait 28 days from the 9th June, the date I took it in, for me to have a refund or replacment. He also said If I wanted to take the matter further, then to be his guest. So now I have to wait untill 6th July If It cannot be replaced for them to do anything, although every engineer I have spoken to has told me it is unrepairable, and even the lady I spoke to today got told by an engineer it was unrepairable. My PC was under six months old when I took it into the shop with a hardware failer, and It now unrepairable becuase of the damange they have caused!?
When my computer came back the first time, there was a list of things which my PC does and all the boxes were ticked yet they wernt working!?

I dont know how to start writing a letter because I am unsure of who i send it to, Or what to do further on this problem. It seems they get away with it time and time again.

  AMRXX 16:54 22 Jun 2009

Its a Hard drive failer, not Hardware, Sorry.

  interzone55 20:08 22 Jun 2009

Write a brief letter outlining your problems.

Make it easy as possible to read by placing each incident in a separate, short paragraph.

Send it to this chap...

John Browett,
Chief Executive,
DSG international plc,
Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead,

If you need help writing the letter, don't be embarrassed because schools seem not to bother teaching letter writing skills any more. Contact your local Citizens Advise Bureau. Find them by putting your postcode in the box on this page click here

Or see your local Trading Standards office - find them on your council website or visit your local library, they'll have details.

Trading Standards will also help if you need to go to court.

Noli nothi permittere te terere

  interzone55 20:09 22 Jun 2009

Also a Hard Drive is hardware - so if this has failed they can't claim it's a software failure and down to user error...

  skidzy 22:18 22 Jun 2009

Alan14 has been great with his reply AMRxx.
I can agree with Alan from experience relating to contacting DSGi to resolve matters.

However have a read here...that does have a happy ending click here

  AMRXX 11:51 23 Jun 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased a PC from PC world, the branch WORCESTER.
It was faulty, and as it was unrepairable, I was issued with a replacement in January 09. The PC I had as a replacement, went faulty when it was just under six months old. I rang PC World direct and gave them the error codes which was displaying on the screen, they replied and said the computer was sold as faulty, as it was under six months old it was an inherited fault and the reason it was faulty was because the hard drive had failed. They then told me to take it into my local store so it could be replaced.
I took my PC to my local store on the 9th June 09, I was told to speak to the Tech Guys. I told one of the staff, Nick, on the tech guys department the problem. I also explained that this is the second time it has happened as this PC was a replacement for a faulty one previously. Nick then told me He was unsure if it would be fixed as the PC is a all in one desktop, and they would need to take out at least 600 screws before getting to the faulty hard drive, he then said it could take up to 28 days to be fixed, but after the 28 days and it was not fixed I could have a replacement or a refund.
I was concerned about what Nick had just told me, but I booked in my computer for repair, and waited for a phone call to say when it would be ready for collection. I received a phone call on the 15th June 09 to say my computer was back in store and working. I then went up to fetch my PC, when I was in store I wasn’t dealt with Nick, It was another employee of the Tech Guys. He said to me that everything was ok with my PC and I left the store with my computer. When I arrived back home, I opened the box of my PC and set it back up, I read the details provided in the box on the repair for my computer. It had a list of things which my computer does, with ticks in the boxes saying they were fully working. I still have this as proof. When I was setting back up my PC I noticed a crack on the left hand side panel, I was not happy with this as it had returned to me damaged. I then turned the machine on and the Keyboard was not responding, the key board is wireless, the PC itself was still slow as it had been before the hard drive had failed on it.

  AMRXX 11:52 23 Jun 2009

I rang PC World direct as my computer was still faulty, and had come back to me damaged. The lady I spoke with told me that she would need to send out an engineer from the tech guys to my home, and I was not able to take the PC back into store. She booked out an engineer to come to my home on the 18th June 09. After the phone call I tried to use the on screen keyboard, as my PC is touch screen, it was not working. I then went back to read the reports on the computer which was ticked to say things were working, it says on the report the keyboard was working and so was the touch screen and also the built in camera. I opened the program for the camera and the camera was working, but had lines through the picture. I then rang back up PC world and explained to them I had a engineer coming to my home, but the touch screen wasn’t working neither was the camera working properly. The lady insured me this was a highly skilled engineer coming out to me and he would replace the screen and fix the rest of the problems.
I waited till the 18th June 09 for the engineer to come out, when he came he said he could not fix the crack on the side panel, I was told by PC world he would, he then tried to work the keyboard, he realised there was a battery missing out of the keyboard which is why it was not working. He then tried to fix the touch screen, it was not responding to any of actions. He then rang up his manager who went through step by step on the phone in what to do to test it, it still didn’t respond. The engineer then said to me this computer is unrepairable and you will need to take it back to my local PC world store and ask for a refund or a like for like replacement. I was upset after the engineer had left because my PC came back to me damaged and now it was unrepairable. I then rang PC world customer advisors to explain what I had been told just and if I was able to go back into store for a refund or replacement. Then customer service advisor told me I could, and didn’t really have another option as it was unrepairable.
I then boxed my PC back up and took it to my local store where it was purchased. I asked to speak to the manager, who is called Jennie. I spoke to Jennie and told her this was the second attempt for it to be repaired and the engineer had said it was unrepairable, and that I was told by himself and a member of PC world customer services that I would have to bring it back in store for a refund or replacement. She said I would need to speak to Nick on Tech Guys about this. I then went over to the Tech Guys department, and greeted by Nick. I told Nick about the engineers report and that I had been told to come in for a Refund/Replacement. His Words were, “I issue refunds, and you’re not having one”. I was confused at this point, the main reason I was confused was because I was unsure why Nick with dealing with my case, and not the store manager, and also the way Nick spoke to me abruptly. Nick then told me he didn’t believe the engineer would write my computer off and a customer service advisor from PC would tell me I was entitled to a refund/Replacement as he felt they didn’t have the “Power to do so, but he did.” - Nicks quotes.

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