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  Microbe 16:11 01 Apr 2006

PC World terms and conditions for [email protected] do not guarantee that orders will be available for collection, so it may be worth consumers telephoning the PC World store before travelling. Although branch numbers are not listed so you will need to go via a 0870 number.

I ordered a printer from the Selly Oak branch only to find, when I arrived, that all had been sold.

Arriving back home and checking the web-site again the printers are still listed as "in stock" !

  spuds 17:05 01 Apr 2006

When I use the collect from store service, I find that the store phones me to say the item as been picked and ready for collection.This usually happens within a couple of hours of placing the order, depending on opening/closing hours. Would mention that the terms and conditions for collection give a limited time span of 24/48 hours before the item is returned to stock.

This service seems to work very good, and the added bonus is the website price that's offered.

  oresome 17:58 01 Apr 2006

Rather defeats the idea of on-line ordering, if you can't trust that they've actually got what they say they have in store.

If they're down to the last one or two, perhaps the site should advise you that the store will contact you to confirm availability.

Always seems to be the customer that does the leg work.

  Belatucadrus 18:21 01 Apr 2006

I once tried to buy an HP720c off PCW on one of their special offers. None on the shelf but the guy checked the system, half a dozen in the store, so off he toddles to pick one up. Quarter of an hour later he comes back " Sorry but we can't find them ". Fortunately at the time Tempo were next door an they matched the offer there and then. Oh the wonders of the computer age and stock control systems. It doesn't matter how high tech the system if some fool puts the delivery on the wrong shelf.

  ade.h 18:38 01 Apr 2006

You know that saying "to err is human, but to really screw up, you need a computer"? Well, really, it's the other way around!

Oresome - quite right there; though in my one experience of CAS, the assistant took fully ten minutes to find my product, first looking under counters for a while (obviously put his brain down someplace and forgot where) then spend a while longer wandering up and down the isles in the networking section. It was quicker to pick the product on the website and place the order. Apart from that though, it was quite a pleasant experience!

  Djohn 17:05 02 Apr 2006

I've used the PC World 'Collect at Store' option many times and can't see where the problem is.

When making the order via the net, proceed to checkout then move item to correct basket, system checks to see if its in stock at your local store and if it is, allows you to complete transaction though you do not need to pay until you pick up.

Part of the arrangement is that once the check for stock has been carried out you need to print off the order to take into store with you. The item will have been picked from shelves and be waiting for you at customer service. So if the item is not in stock, you should have been informed either at trying to place order, or a phone call from local store to say so.

I've been using this method for over 3 years now, often with big savings over the store price. Staples do the same or similar offer.

  ade.h 17:08 02 Apr 2006

"The item will have been picked from shelves and be waiting for you at customer service."

Er... no. Not in my experience.

  dagbladet 17:39 02 Apr 2006

Have also suffered the same experience as in reserved the item which was shown as in stock, printed off my coupon, went to the store, guy couldn't find it, he checks his database and confirms that somewhere in the store there are two of these items, yet he couldn't find any, no apology, no "we'll call you if we find it", just a shrug of the shoulders.

  spuds 17:49 02 Apr 2006

It would appear that there are different methods used at various stores.Reference to my posting and that of Djohn. My two local stores, depending who is supplying the item, 'always' telephones me when item as been picked and ready for collection.Never failed yet, and I have used [email protected] since it was formed.

  Al94 18:43 02 Apr 2006

Never had a problem, store is only a couple of miles away, item never sitting at customer services waiting - but always in stock and found quickly.

  g0slp 18:48 02 Apr 2006

Used the new Durham store 4 times - put by & waiting every time...

As posted before, probably a store/store manager's policy thing.

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