PC World can you fix it? Er, no we can't

  ajm 16:31 09 Nov 2006
  The Brigadier 16:42 09 Nov 2006

Nothing new in this, PCWorld saff work on commission, they more services like anti-virus scan & health checks they sell brings in more money for them.

  pcw Manager!!??! 17:52 09 Nov 2006

We had some detail through from Which today wich provided the actual evidence for their claims. Pc World has around 150 Stores and on average caries out 5000 or so repairs a week. Which Magazine provided only 14 potential repairs to test our services. Now I agree totally that the service which occured on some of these was very poor but is 14 enough to get a true reflection of the company. My Clinic has carried out 9 repairs this week and no customer was charged more than £69.99 plus parts. If its a re-master the customer is contacted for consent first and we charge £29.99 instead of the usual £70.
PS Brigadier PC World scrapped commision over a year ago, the staff get extra money if we Hit our targets and our customer satisfaction surveys are over a certain amount. Fair enough I feel? Oh and by the way no fix no fee how many independents offer this?

  lisa02 18:05 09 Nov 2006

Mine does, PCW Manager.

...and your prices are very, very high.

  The Brigadier 18:15 09 Nov 2006

"My Clinic has carried out 9 repairs this week and no customer was charged more than £69.99 plus parts." Yes and you get more £££ if you hit the numbers of your target.

If you go into your local PCW the humble punter gets told a health check is required + anti virus scan etc, so thats more £££ off them, not only do your staff hit targets, so do you as the manager.

You work on the basis that the average joe public will think they are getting a good deal when in fact your staff are only interested in hitting a target for themselves, oh and you of course!!!!

  The Brigadier 18:17 09 Nov 2006

Oh and forgot to say, did like your recent appearance on bbc watchdog, that did soooooo much for your companies image!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 09 Nov 2006

You really have no concept of the mechanics of selling have you? It is a disgrace that a shop tries to make money from customers...they ought to be flogged publically. I think customers should treat a shop like a meeting place where all can stand around and chat. Commission...that is a terrible thing in business, fancy encouraging staff to sell things in a shop and giving them extra money for it. You have not owned a business have you?


  flycatcher 18:42 09 Nov 2006

I would have thought that "The Brigadier" knows all about commissions having taken the title of a "Commissioned Officer".

  The Brigadier 18:45 09 Nov 2006

My only concern over PCW is the way they mislead customers over how much prices are going to be, this was highlighted by the bbc watchdog show that did a feature about PCW recently.

My own local PCW & i have a very good relationship, but then i know something about PC's & IT so they cant sell me something i dont need.

As for PCW making money, no harm in that, just dont like seeing the customer hoodwinked!

  The Brigadier 18:48 09 Nov 2006

Oh very good old chap, ever thought of being a comedian, gosh i'm laughing sooooo much, NOT!

You & <|:-)> have shares in PCW do you??????

  Forum Editor 19:08 09 Nov 2006

"PCWorld saff (sic) work on commission"

No they don't. Get your facts right if you're going to make a sweeping statement.

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