PC World bundles - any good?

  JonSon 13:39 02 Sep 2005

Hi all,
I am in the market for a new PC as my current one is about as old as me (and less useful).

I have seen numerous adverts on TV recently showing special offers for systems from PC World and was just wanting to get some feedback on the machines they sell. Some people swear by PC World and others would rather swear at them!

Have seen one PC that looks ok at first glance (click here). Everything looks quite nice @ £699 (P4 3.4Ghz, 1024mb ram, 250Gb hd, 17" TFT) apart from the nVidia 6200 with turbo cache - a 32mb card in 256mb clothing.

So what I suppose I'm asking is what's everyone's general view on a) this system, and; b)PC World?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

  justme 14:02 02 Sep 2005

I can only give you my own experience.

A computer I bought from them many years ago is still working perfectly but I would not buy from them again because of the way they tried to sell me their insurance. It was so bad that I was on the point of telling them to keep their computer and leave the store.

Perhaps things have improved since then but my experience has made me very unlikely to consider purchasing another computer from them.

You should be covered by the sale of goods act if there is anything wrong with the computer.

The bundles they sell appear to be good value but you can usually find the same or better elsewhere if you really search around.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:03 02 Sep 2005

I've bought over 90 computers and lappies from PCW so that alone should speak volumes. They have the distinct advantage that you can walk away with the computer.

I would refrain from buying either the power surge protector (much cheaper elsewhere and many computers come with adequate surge protection) nor the Norton or MacAffee 'security suites, AVG MS Antispy and any old free firewall will provide you with more than enough protection and they all cost de nada.

I would also not go for the '3/5 year protection warranty, it is expensive and your household insurance and consumer rights cover the same. On the few occasions that I have needed to take something back they have always been helpful...but then I am always polite and do not march in with a bolshy attitude and a face like a wet weekend in Huddersfield.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:10 02 Sep 2005

ps....I have never had a problem with them selling insurance, a polite but firm 'no' does the trick......but then they ar e a shop and shops are here to sell things not a social gathering places.


  justme 14:38 02 Sep 2005

I did give them a polite but firm 'no' but the young boy (salesman) said that he had to go through the sales spiel and when I again told him I only wanted a computer and not insurance he went to his manager who also began the hard sell.

The only way I got him to stop was to threaten to leave without buying the computer and even then he asked me to sign the sales document saying that I did not want the insurance.

I signed his sales document as requested and added that I also did not want to but baked beans, bread or anything other than a computer.

Several days later I got a phone call from PC World head office asking me again to buy their insurance.

It is PC World's loss, as I have since purchased four more computers for myself or family and none of them was bought from PC World.

  Stuartli 14:55 02 Sep 2005

The Dixons Group makes a large slice of its profits (about 20 per cent) from selling unsuspecting customers such insurance policies.

As GANDALF <|:-)> rightly points out such policies, warranties etc are a complete waste of money.

Amazingly some even cost more than the product itself....:-)

  JonSon 14:56 02 Sep 2005

I think you've got to expect the cross-sales pitch from stores like PCW, Dixons, Currys etc especially when the sales children are being pushed into it from their managers. What they fail to tell you though is that their in store warranty/guarantee should cover the buyer for the first year, at least.

On another note, I'm probably going to be playing games on this particular PC and am a bit put off by the reviews I've seen for the graphics card included in the deal - nVidia 6200 Turbo cache.

It is billed as a 256mb card but it only has 32mb of local memory and gets the rest from the system. Some reviews written last December say it's a decent card and others say it's terrible and a total waste of cash.

Have either of you had any experience with this card?

  wee eddie 15:46 02 Sep 2005

It would be absolutely useless for even the most basic Gamer.

Look through the Charts in the mag. - everything there will do you better

  JonSon 17:56 02 Sep 2005

really?? I would have thought that 700 quid would have bought you at least a half decent system to play the odd game on.

  spuds 20:05 02 Sep 2005

The law as changed regarding extended warranties. The customer must know be fully informed as to the warranty details and no hard sell.

  recap 21:01 02 Sep 2005

One of the best systems to buy from PC world is the Advent series.

Just buy the PC not the software package or the bundle of hardware that comes with the PC. Most of the software you would most probably not use. As for the hardware if you haven't already got a printer & scanner, you should be able to buy a better one, cheaper else where.

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